BS/DMD Apps 2020-21

Hey did anyone here interview for case western 3+4? Did you get your results yet?

the results for cwru 3+4 are out!

Was it an email or an update on your portal?

It was an email! I got into UToledo/ CWRU !

I haven’t gotten anything yet, I applied to CWRU PPSP though. Did you guys apply to different undergrads- @TheRose21 and @sunnybunny236?

CWRU PPSP (CWRU for 3 years, CWRU Dental for 4 years) finalists came out a longgggg time ago! Check your portal!

thank you!

No I meant final decisions after interviewing, but I just got it today! I was accepted to their PPSP program!


congrats!!! just be wary of CWRU Dental’s red flags.

Is anyone planning to skip taking their final AP exams ? Is that a problem ?

What do you mean by that? (Edit- didn’t mean for that to be rude, sorry)