Bs in AP Physics 1 but then both As in AP Physics 2?

How does it look to colleges if you earned an A both semesters in AP Physics 1, but then got As both semesters of AP Physics 2? Due to a combination of personal issues and my inability to understand the subject, I got Bs in Physics 1 but am now (hopefully) on track for As in Physics 2? Will colleges look favorably on this improvement?
By the way, I don’t plan to major in physics/engineering, if that makes a difference.
Thanks for your response!

It will look like any other B. Will having an A in AP Physics 2 “make up” for a B in AP Physics 1? No. Will it show improvement? Potentially.

At this point, it is what it is, so don’t stress about it. Despite what you might think from reading this forum, not every student is a 4.0 student. :slight_smile: A couple of B’s will not torpedo any application. If you look at the results threads, plenty of 4.0/2400 applicants got rejected from a school, and plenty of applicants with “lesser” stats were accepted. There is more to you, and to your application, than just your GPA. Good luck.