BS in Data Science and Machine learning or BA in Computer Science? The BS includes a minor in Finance or Management (Strategy & Entrepreneurship)

Hi All,

I’m applying Yeshiva University and I have the following options:

  1. 3 year BA program: BA in Computer Science
  2. 4 year BS program: BS in Computer Science with concentration in Data Science & Machine Learning with a minor in Finance or Management (Strategy & Entrepreneurship)

**My main question: What would a Minor in Management paired with 4 year BS computer science concentration in Data Science and Machine Learning signal to employers VS. a Minor in Finance **
After completing either program do a Masters degree in Machine Learning or in Quantitative trading.
I’m interested in creating solutions software / apps that will help a large number of people and improve daily life and politics.
On the other hand, I realise that it might be hard to be a single person within a company and be able to make significant change. Also, I might want to be the one calling all of the shots about the direction of a product or service. Therefore, I might want to be a quantitative trader for eight years and then move on to work on making software. One thing that I know about myself is that I like coming up with ideas and directing how some problem should be solved. The execution part I don’t find as fun.
Should I strive to be a technical product lead, a quant trader, or a manager of a group of software engineers?

What do you think? What methodologies should I use to help make my decision?