BS Parent Resource thread


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Note to those with fewer than 15 posts: you can’t initiate a PM conversation with these helpful people unless you’ve made 15 posts. You can, however, respond to a PM from anyone, and so have a private conversation in a thread that they initiate. To get this started it is reasonable to go to a thread related to the school or topic of your choice and create a post saying “I’m new and have a question about [topic] I’d love to discuss in private messages, but I’m not able to initiate a PM conversation until I have more posts… could I ask @[INSERTUserName1] or @[INSERTUserName2] to PM me? Thanks in advance!” Again, make sure you have notifications set to email you when you receive a PM (as described above)

Andover: @CallieMom (P’16) , @MA2012 (P’17), @MoreACubMom (Alumna Interviewer), @familyrock (P’22)
Berkshire: @cameo43 (P '17), @busyNYmom (?)
Berwick Academy: @danddmom (P’24)
Cate: @GMC2918 (P '18), @Msclvr721 (P '18), @freshlook (?), @MoreACubMom (P’18), @TheStig2 (?), @Serioussweetie (P’21)
Canterbury: @kschretz (P’23)
Choate: @ChoatieMom (P '15), @itcannotbetrue (P '19), @mexusa (P '19)
Deerfield: @MacJackAttack (P)
Eaglebrook School: @Serioussweetie (P’18)
Emma Willard: @girlgeekmom (P '16)
Episcopal HS (VA): @i70sband (P '17, '19), @westcoastmom987 (P’23)
Exeter: @classicalmama (P '14) , @booklady123 (P '18) @Vegas1 (P’14, 18, 19), @Edmond8 (P’20), @UltimaCroix
Foreman: @vwlizard (P '23)
Frederick Gunn:
George: @Sudsie (?), @SevenDad (P '18)
Grier: @SculptorDad (P '20)
Groton: @Momto4kids (P’18), @MDMomofTwo (?)
Hill: @gusmom2000 (P '19, Spouse '86)
Hotchkiss: @soxmom (P’17, P’19), @dowzerw (P '18), @temperantia (P’19, '20), @UltimaCroix
Indian Mountain: @westcoastmom987 (P ‘23)
Interlochen: @mountainhiker (?)
Kent: @freshlook, @temperantia (P’17), @Hopeful0304 (P’23)
Loomis: @ProudLoomisDad (P '19), @dreamcatcher3 (P '18), @Touchwood (P '19)
Marvelwood: @owlfox9mom (P '26)
Masters (NY): @SevenDad (P '18)
McCallie: @CollegeGeek (P ‘21)
Mercersburg: @twinsmama (P '18, '18), @hellomaisy (P’18, P’22), @dramakid2 (P’22)
Midland: @HailuMu (P ’17)
Milton: @CaringMom11 (P '19)
NMH: @payn4ward (P '19), @fullofbs (?)
New Hampton School:
Peddie: @carpoolingma (P '20) @kinesthetickt (P '20)
Portsmouth Abbey: @London203 (P '17)
Proctor: @Momof7thgrader (P '16) @RoonilWazlib99 (P '27)
Putney: @jdewey (?)
Rectory: @owlfox9mom (P '21), @stormymom (?), @janjmom (?)
Salem Academy: @Ruralamerica (P '20)
Solebury: @NYCMomof3 ( P '18)
St. Andrew’s: @SevenDad (P '15), @Charger78 (P '16, '17), @seekers (P '16, '18)
St. Mark’s: @buuzn03 (P’21)
St. George’s: @familyrock (P '26)
St. Paul’s: @GoatMama (P '20)
St. Timothy’s: @makp715 (P '21)
Stevenson: @hopeful0304 (P '22), @westcoastmom987 (P’22)
Thacher: @mountainhiker (?), @patronyork (?), @Thacherparent (?), @Calimex (P ’22)
Walnut Hill: @CAClover (P '21)
Webb (CA): @WebbMom (P '19)
Westover: @cameo43 (P’17), @kschretz (P’23)
Westminster (CT):
Williston Northampton: @owlfox9mom (P '22)

ISSUES (add an issue)
Academic Support: @vwlizard (P’23)
Applying without SSAT: @vwlizard (P’23)
BS-to-service academy: @ChoatieMom (P ’15), @MABlue ('16)
Boy Scouts: @payn4ward (P '19), @ChoatieMom (P '15), @gusmom2000 (P '19), @hopeful0304 (P’18)
Day student at BS: @Carpoolingma (P '20), @booklady123 (P '18), @MoreACubMom (P’18)
Homeschooled kids: @mountainhiker (?), @classicalmama (P '14), @girlgeekmom (P '16), @SculptorDad (P '20), @danddmom (P '24)
Introvert: @SculptorDad (P '20), @buuzn03 (P’21)
Siblings: @Vegas1 (P’14, 18, 19), @kinesthetickt (P '21)

College athletic recruiting: @classicalmama (P '14), @GoatMama (P '20)
Crew: @Photographermom ( P '14, '15 ), (P ’14), @busyNYmom (?), @kinesthetickt (P '20)
Cross Country: @Carpoolingma (P’20), @buuzn03 (P '21)
Equestrian: @hopeful0304 (P’23)
Fencing: @SevenDad (P '18)
Field Hockey: @Vegas1 (P '14, 18, 19) @busyNYmom (?)
Golf: @Golfgr8 (P’22)
Soccer: @Vegas1 (P’14, 18, 19) @webbmom (P '19)
Swimming: @Vegas1 (P’14, 18, 19), @familyrock (P’22)
Track: @kinesthetickt (P '20)
Volleyball: @GoatMama (P '20)
Water Polo: @CallieMom, @Vegas1 (P’14, 18, 19)
Wrestling: @i70sband (P '17, '19)

SUMMER PROGRAMS (Please add other programs you can advise on)
Breakthrough Collaborative: @MoreACubMom (P’18)
Camp Encore-Coda Music Camp (ME): @Charger78 (P '16, '17), @girlgeekmom (p’16)
Choate summer language program @GMC2918 (P '18)
Cooper Union Summer Art Intensive @NYCMomof3 (p’18)
Duke TIP: @Msclvr721 (?), @hopeful0304 (P’18, 19)
Exeter Summer: @Touchwood (?)
Georgetown Summer Programs @dowzerw (P '18)
Global Volunteers @MoreACubMom (P’18)
INESLE Madrid: @familyrock (P’22)
Interlochen: @SculptorDad (?), @busyNYmom (?)
Island School @Vegas1 (P’14, 18, 19)
JHU-CTY: @payn4ward (P '19), @dowzerw (P '18), @Msclvr721 (?), @Anonymousia (?), @MoreACubMom (P’18)
Kinhaven Music School: @girlgeekmom (p’16)
Middlebury/Monterrey Language: @Charger78 (P '16)
National Geographic student expeditions @soxmom (?)
Northwestern CTY (and Civic Leadership Inst): @MoreACubMom (P’18)
PROMYS @MA2012 (P’17)
Putney Student Travel: @GMC2918 (P '20)
Rustic Pathways (China): @MoreACubMom (P’18)
School Year Abroad summer program @soxmom (P’19)
Stanford Jazz Camp: @MoreACubMom (P’18)
USMA SLE @ChoatieMom (P’15)
USNA NASS @ChoatieMom (P’15)
USRowing Dev Camps & College Rowing: classicalmama (P ’14), @busyNYmom (?), @Photographermom (?)
UVA Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) @dowzerw (P '18)
UVA Young Writers Workshop @twinsmama (P '15)
VA Tech inside ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN summer @dowzerw (?), @busyNYmom (?)
Vanderbilt Summer Academy: @hopeful0304 (P '18)

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Hi is there a boarding school class of 26 thread? Thank you

There is, but it is a little buried. Here it is:

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Seems other classes are pinned. And I’m not too savvy at finding threads. Thank you so much.

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