BSN or ADN and a few more questions

<p>Hello I'm wanting to know which pathway do you guys prefer ADN first then BSN or Generic BSN. Currently I'm a highschool senior with a 3.2 GPA, but when I first took my ACT I made a 16 sadly.. Which I know I'm way smarter than that so I have retaken my ACT on October 26. I was also wondering while I'm in the BSN program doing the first 2 years of academic requirements could I just take my ACT multiple times until the real nursing core. I am wanting to attend "The W" also know as Mississippi University for Women. Do I need any ACT subscore requirements for like the pre reqs: Human A&P 1/w Labs, Human A&P 2/w Labs, College Algebra, English Comp, etc.</p>



<p>A direct entry BSN program is preferable if it works for you. In some states, there are few direct entry programs. Most employers prefer a bachelors degree.</p>

<p>Getting an Associates degree that allows you to take the RN exam is certainly a viable option. Hopefully, you could get a nursing job where the employer would help to fund completion of a bachelors degree. </p>

<p>Beware of 2-2 programs where only a small percentage of the applicants are allowed to continue into nursing.</p>

<p>I believe that programs that admit students after they have completed some college classes often use an admissions exam that is different from the ACT. I believe it is mainly a test to see how well you did on the science pre-requisites. </p>

<p>Many Practical nursing and RN programs that are not direct entry use the TEAS Exam - Test of Essential Skills. If you do a google search, you can find some free sample questions online.</p>

<p>You may also wish to investigate other health care fields that may be less difficult for admissions than registered nursing. There are many health care careers.</p>

<p>Yeah, the 16 ACT is going to be a problem, perhaps even at the level of admission to the college itself. Nursing programs at open enrollment community colleges often have waiting lists, and while on the waiting list, students will take their pre-reqs. As charlieschm mentioned, these schools often do use their own placement tests. The local cc here uses the CPT. Students take the test on entry into the institution and then again after finishing the prereqs. The nursing program itself has higher CPT minimum scores than some other programs. Anyway, that would be another opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability in case your second ACT comes in too low.</p>

<p>At the college where I work, yes, you find yourself placed in remedial mathematics and English because of your ACT scores, and that placement would put you behind in the nursing sequence. You could get caught up in time for the start of nursing classes sophomore year if you earned a GPA high enough for admission to the program (this is a 1-3 program), but it you would most likely need to take some summer school.</p>

<p>I cannot speak from a nursing faculty perspective, but from the perspective of a freshman specialist. With those scores, you would not be a good retention risk at a 4 year school (sorry to be blunt). And my best advice to ensure success in college in general would be to start at an ADN program and then do an RN to BSN completion.</p>