BU RISE 2022 - Applicants Thread

Hey guys,

Thought I’d make this thread since I didn’t see one. Did anyone select Practicum as first choice?

Hey, I think I just saw you on the RSI threat haha! I applied internship first choice with my research topic being machine learning and neural networks (specifically in making teaching more efficient and making them more reliable)

Very cool! Let’s revive this thread so all us RSI rejects have some hope… :sob:


Hi! Have you guys heard back?

I will contact them tomorrow, and let you guys know what happens. I applied Practicum, however; I will be asking about Practicum so the dates will be slightly different for y’all internshippers.


They said:

Thank you for checking in. This year we received a record number of RISE applications, and are doing our best to evaluate them as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience, and hopefully we will have an update in the next few weeks. If you chose practicum for your first choice, most offers of admission will be in late March.

This was for Practicum, right? Does anyone know when Internship matching phase decisions may be released?

I second this question

“We appreciate your patience, and hopefully we will have an update in the next few weeks.” Does this mean in a few weeks?

I also applied to internship first. Kinda worried because I did not find many physics or math interns from the previous poster symposium.

Wait have the first phase decisions released already? Like the initial phase before the matching?

I haven’t heard back yet

Nothing here either. I think they mentioned that in a few weeks, maybe next week or the week after.

This is the latest Practicum has come out… hopefully they stick to their guarantees of late March.

Do you mean results are out for the Practicum? Any news about the internship?

Results are not out… I don’t see where my message implied that they were.

I have gotten past the first round of selection.

advanced to the matching stage!

Congratulations you guys! Still waiting on practicum :frowning:

Did you have previous internships /awards?