BU Rise Practicum'21

anyone applying for the BU Rise Practicum/Internship for 2021?

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ya ive been looking for a 2021 thread for people applying. hopefully people will hop on. honestly its not going to be the same and that makes me really sad


I’m applying internship with practicum as my second choice. I’m not really expecting much lol. My stats are kinda low but it can’t hurt to try.

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literally same. at this point i’m like i’ve got nothing to lose i guess

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would i have a better chance of getting in if i put practicum as my first choice? i honestly don’t rly have a preference and don’t have any previous research experience, but the thing that irks me is that I can’t put the internship as second choice

I’m applying! @elmosomlettes They said that they might be limiting internship matches due to covid, but I’m p sure practicum has less seats to begin w/ so I think they’ll probally similar in competitiveness


is anyone sending in their SAT/ACT scores?

well no commuter option anymore :cry:

yea that’s the exact reason why i put internship as first. i wanted practicum but it was just easier to apply to internship as first and practicum as second

yes, applying

To help anybody out my stats that i applied with are
SAT- 1580
GPA- 4.1
Aps- lit, bio, apush, chem (chem 5), World history (4)
No internship experience

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Has anyone gotten a decision (internship or practicum)?

I’m wondering the same thing. I still haven’t gotten any info so idk if I got rejected or if they havent sent out results yet

they said practicum decisions would be out late march

I have not gotten anything either.

Anyone get an email from BU Rise?

nope, I was told a couple days ago that admissions emails will be sent out soon.

I got an email, and they said I advanced to the matching phase, but they will give more info (if I get matched) by the end of April.

Could you please post your stats?

when did you get that email?