BU RISE Program 2019

hey guys,

anyone applying to the bu rise program for 2019??

I am. But I have a question for the application. Does anyone know where are we supposed to put the three labs that we are interested in working with? Do we include them in the first application essay?

I just applied, but I highly doubt I will get in because my test score is low and my school doesn’t offer AP classes

Does anyone know of similar summer programs I could also apply for because I have a strong feeling I won’t get into RISE

once you select the internship track and the subject areas you would prefer to study, there should be a box that coms which allows you to type in your professor/lab preferences

mites, sams, etc.

Are you guys from the bay area?

nope, from New York

what did you guys apply for? what specialty?

socal anyone


applied for medical, then chem

i think i definitely not gonna get in i feel doomed and im too scared to submit my application


yeah its really competitive and i think my essays were good but my stats and transcript aren’t so great

plus idk how i feel about wasting $50 for the app fee if i wont even get in

do you think they will let us know earlier if we’ve been rejected cuz i’d rather find out if i am rejected earlier than later

I have no idea, but I agree with you lol

I submitted my materials like last week, and I got an email today saying they haven’t received them. Anyone else?

i was gonna submit mine right now