Hi, I got accepted to BU RISE practicum. I need to reply within 2 weeks. However, I am still waiting for COSMOS and SSP. Do you think I should? Which one is considered a better program? Thanks.

depend where you live. It is on-line, so BU Rise will start at 5:00am or 6:00am PST.

SSP is number 1. I hope I get into COSMOS and RMP.

Congratulations on BU Rise! It is way better than COSMOS as far as I can tell (i might be wrong… if so please correct me) but SSP takes the lead by far.

i’m in the same situation! i think ssp would be the best but idk if it’s worth the risk to decline rise since ssp is so selective :((

You probably won’t get in, so just say accept rise. If you get into SSP, you shuold not attend RISE. Even if you pay when you say yes, it is worth the extra price that you wasted commiting to RISE to attend SSP. It gives you a huge boost to admissions I would wager. Unless you are low income, just spend the extra money on RISE and still keep your SSP application up. Then if you get in, you don’t need to go to RISE (what are they gonna do, force you to come, or just not offer you a refund: probably the latter), just pay the extra and go to SSP.

true but that feels kinda sketch lol

look… getting into SSP is no joke , so in your boots, I would do something sketch if I was accepted to it. Remember, it is 99% not gonna happen I feel, so I would keep that option open, regardless of its low probability. You can always turn the ssp acceptance down if you are morally obligated at that moment
, but commit to BU rise since that is an excellent opportunity.

SSP is overhyped imo. doesnt give that big of a boost people would like to claim. the projects from what ive heard are kinda generic. IDK about practicum but BU RISE internship has around a 10% acceptance rate this year so i would say its around the same level as SSP at this point and u get to actually do some unique research. if u like practicum more then do that otherwise wait for SSP

practicum lecture is 11-1 et and 2-6 for research/other efforts.

Hi there, any final decision yet. I am trying to choose between RISE and COSMOS. I am a junior.

if you are asking which would be more impactful… RISE


I am not sure you will find many rankings that would show COSMOS over RISE.
Both are good programs though to be fair.

Completely agree. In the vast majority of cases RISE >>>> COSMOS

But it’s Practicum. It’s not looked well upon at all compared to RISE internship. The college results for Practicum attendees for the last couple years the program has run were generally underwhelming. COSMOS is consistently above average

I chose Practicum for ease of application. No need to do all the searches and matching. Interesting internship is over Practicum. Where does your college data come from?

Talking to RISE grads from the past 2 years it ran and the college results of the ppl they went to RISE with

Would Practicum instructor write recommendation letters for college applications?

@elmosomlettes did you get accepted by COSMOS?

you could check this thread out
i think this guy chose COSMOS

Thank you. a lot of info there.