Bucknell Class 2025 ED1

Hi, I haven’t seen a thread about ED 1 for Bucknell this year so I thought I should start one. Does anyone know when decisions come out?

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i’ve been dying for someone to start a thread for bucknell ed this year!!! i’m not exactly sure when the decisions are supposed to come out but i think it should be mid to late next week considering they said it would be about a month after the deadline? i think they released them on wednesday the past few years but i’m not sure

That’s what I was thinking too, but through last years feed they came out on Thursday the 12th at 5pm so I was thinking it could possibly come out this Thursday on the 11th, but who knows.

i would love love love for them to come out that early but i feel like we might have to wait a little bit longer. hopefully i get proven wrong though lol

yea, i heard they’ve been released on the 12th for last three years, so im guessing its then, but i really hope results come out earlier

I thought I heard last year they didn’t come out until 12/18. I thought I had read the 15th for this year but the site where I saw it now just says “mid December.”

yeah, i hope they dont wait until 12/18 again :frowning:

I heard from someone that they could possibly be out tonight at 12am because they released it at 12 am around this time EST two years ago, but I have no idea.

i had a call with an coach for athletics and he said I would know on the 15th with no hesitation. then again, he might not even know for sure but I’m expecting for it to come out on the 15th. lets hope i get proven wrong tho and we all find out sooner!!

where did that person get that info, totally just wondering. i hope it comes out tonight!

is there a chance athletes might be finding out sooner than everyone else or no? i hope its out soon. does anyone know how much of a weight first trimester grades have? bc my school is just sending in mine today (bc ours just ended) and they said that was okay

Have you been getting any emails from the school? I have had none since thanksgiving. Is this a bad sign?

i haven’t gotten any since thanksgiving either

I assume they are just super busy with applications and haven’t had time to send any emails :crossed_fingers:t2:

I haven’t gotten any emails either, but in past years they haven’t sent emails telling us when decisions come out.

im so nervous ughh!!! do you think admissions will be better this year all things considering what’s going on??

im so stressed too! I think its going to be easier because I doubt many people EDed.

im also very very nervous!!!

im placing my bets that it comes out tmr night or thursday bc thats what they have done in the past and they have never posted them on a monday so idk how it could come out next week, but theres a huge possibility that im wrong.

so what are we thinking, higher chance this week or dec 15?