Bucknell RD 2025

Bucknell Regular Decision Class of 2025

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My daughter applied-
Test optional
Good luck to everyone!

My daughter applied, too
Do you know when decision could be going out?

I believe 4/1.

I think they say by 4/1 but the release them before that. I was not able to find a past thread to check previous years, though.

You’re right. I found a thread from last year. Decisions were released 3/26.


Anyone think decisions might be a bit earlier this year to give applicants time to consider their packages since the circumstances are so unusual?

no I would assume a bit later due to the overwhelming amount of applications schools are receiving so they will need more time to review them

does anyone have any guesses as to when they will release rd based on previous years?

I think it could be on the 25th, based on previous years.

hey guys we’re getting our decision this Wednesday after 9 pm edt, they just sent me an email


ahh i’m so nervous! good luck to everyone!

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We just received an email that decisions will be released Wednesday March 17th at 9pm

So excited and so nervous!!!

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Did anyone who applied for presidential or women in stem scholarships hear anything? Interview?

No I didn’t hear anything about those I’m assuming we will hear in the letter but I’m not sure

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Were there interviews offered for the regular decision applicants?

If you applied for certain scholarships, yes.

Does financial aid come out with decisions or after?

Does anyone know if they give the financial packages with the letter?

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