Business Administration-what do ya think?

<p>has anyone who applied for a business major heard anything yet? i’m so nervous.</p>

<p>what are my chances?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.23
SAT: V: 560, M: 680, W: 640
Major: Business Administration</p>

<p>you should get in</p>

<p>i agree.. although BA is the most impacted major in the Business dept... i still think your stats are good enough. you should be fine! </p>

<p>and i don't know of anyone that has heard from the Business yet so don't worry! it should be coming soon! </p>

<p>good luck :)</p>

<p>My GPA is a lot worse, but SAT better and I applied for Business as well. Nervouuus.</p>

<p>I applied for business and haven't heard yet. I assume they are being released by major.</p>

<p>i'm a business major with a 4.15 GPA and 2120 SAT and i haven't heard yet either.</p>

<p>this is sort of relieving, because it makes me feel better about architecture decisions, being an impacted major and all. and how both of those majors haven't heard anything thus far....</p>

<p>so thanks for all your replies, business majors!</p>

<p>I was accepted as a business major today. :) Good luck all!</p>

<p>I just got in Business Administration and my stats are super low. You should have no problem.
Just got accepted. It amazing because my stats are way below the average.
W GPA: 3.39
UW GPA: 2.68
UC GPA: 3.24
Class Rank:131/652</p>

<p>California resident/Asian
1st generation college student
Low Income family
After this year 17 semesters of AP courses
GPA improvement from sophomore to junior year (3.0-->3.6)</p>

<p>SAT:1740 (CR:530, M:600, W:610, Essay:9)
SAT IIs: Math II: 590, US History 480
ACT: 27 (E:26, M:30, R:24, S:26, Essay:10)</p>

Tennis (3 years)Captain for JV Tennis 1 yr and 1yr of Varsity - 900hrs
Debate (1 year) - 180 hrs
Key Club (3 years) - 108 hrs
Internship at Kron Communications (4 years) (Business related) - 416 hrs
Chinese Tutoring (4 years) - 416 hrs
Cultura Latina- Latin Culture Club (1 year) - 36 hrs</p>

<p>my friend got into business today!
she was VERY excited!</p>

<p>nothing here =[</p>

<p>^ Same! ): </p>

<p>xAsukaTachibanax, my GPA is about the same, SAT score higher, and we have about the same EC's. Omg, I hope I get in.</p>

<p>Yea if I can get in with such horrible stats, im pretty sure a lot of others can get in also. My brother had about the same stats as me with less AP classes and he got into Computer Engineering although he did have work experience in the field. That might help a lot lol.</p>

<p>I don't like how they are randomly releasing them..I have about a 3.9W GPA and a 1910 SAT.</p>

<p>I have a 3.9W and 1980 and found out I got in for Econ (in the business school) about two days ago</p>

<p>anybody in business like me not heard anything yet?</p>

<p>^ I haven't heard yet!!! And I got rejected from Davis so I'm scared ):</p>

<p>Do you guys know if Business is impacted? I read from another thread that Calpoly doesnt take majors into account.</p>

<p>cal poly does take your major into account and business is pretty impacted</p>

<p>i checked my portal today, and i was put on the waitlist for business. sucks cuz now i wont get housing if i get in.</p>

<p>I don't understand the waitlist thing. SLO's Common Data Report says they do not do waitlists. Does that mean in the off chance a slot opens up they call you? That would be a lot of slots since they accept at least twice the number they enroll.</p>