Business school (club ice hockey)

Just thought I would throw this out there. Would love any input on other schools that might be a good fit. SDSU is #1 choice (we are in Cal but not local) with U of Oregon in #2 spot. This is my sons current list of schools he plans on applying to:

(Must haves- Club ice hockey (not too crazy high level) and good business program ideally with lots internship opportunities.) Cant see accounting or Econ as that’s not his interest. Im thinking Bus Admin with emphasis is real estate, entrepreneurship, global business ?? He really doesn’t know what he wants to focus on but didn’t like Micro or Macroecon and didn’t like financial or managerial acct. So lots of options in the Bus dept is a huge plus. NOT looking for a crazy competitive environment, looking for a place that kids support each other.

Arizona State U

U of Arizona

U of Denver

U of Utah

U of Colorado Denver

U or Oregon

Colorado State U


Northern Arizona U

Cal State LB



Cal Poly SLO (They have roller/ not ice)

Severely Dyslexic Dysgraphic kiddo (has accommodations: note taker, extra time on test/ books on audio, etc)*

Will have 86 dual enrollment credits upon graduation

Has an AA in Bus Admin as of this past summer. (4.0)

Class rank #1 out of 216 kiddos.

4.0 UW and 4.52 Weighted

No SAT or ACT or AP classes


Plays Ice hockey

Has 2 jobs

I really liked the idea of the SALT program at Arizona. Stats are good but not much of a traditional learner. Needs hands on/ project based/ real life learning experiences. Pulled some of these schools off of Dyslexia Advantage. Needs the Club ice hockey to connect and its something he loves. Although he could tech finish degree in 2 years due to the AA and meeting gen ed, I can see him stretching out the upper level classes over and extra year or so to make them more manageable.

Would be grateful for any input.

For cost, we are trying to stay as low as possible. Will not qualify for need based aid. Hoping for merit and he has 14k covered each year through another program.

Not sure if you’re interested in east coast, but College of Charleston has many business options, with a dynamic Center for Entrepreneurship and the kind of supportive environment you want. He would get great merit with his stats and could be in the Honors College.

At Cal Poly, he really might consider the Consumer Packaging concentration in the business school. It’s very spatial, hands-on, and project-based… and internship/career opportunities are amazing. (There aren’t a ton of programs in this field, and graduates are in hot demand. SJSU has a packaging program too, but I don’t think they have club hockey.) It would be a great major for a kid who wants a business-y major but not one that’s focused on number-crunching or economic theory, but more on tangible problem-solving. Consumer Packaging | Orfalea Student Services

Clarkson might fit the bill. Great program, great hockey, strong merit aid. Innovation and Entrepreneurship | Clarkson University

Be careful about your assumptions about transfer credits especially for out of state and private schools. You will have to look at them individually to determine what he may actually receive. This is more difficult wit DE credits than AP.

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I’m not sure if your are considering any of the UCs but Irvine seems to check off the boxes that you are looking for.

How good of a hockey player is he?

@57special 18AA (but Cal hockey isn’t like MN hockey) :wink: It would just for fun and connecting with kids.

@RBMart1 The word on the street is that the UCs are more research/theory based. He needs more hands on learning. I love the learning by doing moto at Cal Poly SLO but no ice hockey there. UCI would be good fit for my daughter but I just don’t see my son in a crazy academic environment.

@aquapt Will def check COC out. Thanks for the info on Cal Poly and the consumer packaging concentration. :slight_smile:

@taverngirl Will check it out, Thank you

@Eeyore123 Gotcha

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I don’t see any way Oregon will be affordable, the OOS students from CA are their cash cows. Utah and Arizona are better bets for merit if you want PAC-12 sports, and have a good chance of coming below UC costs for a strong student. U of Denver also seems unaffordable compared to UC/CSU pricing.


If he doesn’t get into SDSU then we will shoot for merit scholarships at U of O. Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen | Financial Aid & Scholarships

With the 14 K he will get from another program he is doing and scholarships, my math shows us in the hood around 30-35k/yr?

He would be happy is AZ too so we will see…

My point was that the best most people can expect from Oregon would be the 15K excellence scholarship, bringing tuition down to 25.5K which is almost double the UC tuition cost and more than double the CSU figure. Utah with WUE is about 15K for tuition (and lower still for their better scholarships) while Arizona’s top auto merit gets tuition well under 10K.

Not sure about the additional 14K you mention, is that something specific for attending Oregon?

My D18 has loved Utah, especially the outdoor lifestyle with skiing, climbing, backpacking etc (we are from CA and she was admitted to all the UCs).

Almost all schools near a hockey rink will likely have a ‘club like’ opportunity with an adult hockey league (‘bar hockey’) Check it out for schools that do list a school ‘club’ team.

U of Wyoming has a decent business school, club hockey, and doesn’t cost very much. Its version of WUE is the Brown and Gold scholarship, and you can look up what merit scholarship he’d receive based on gpa and test scores.

My daughter played as a youth and on a club team in college. Went to watch my 16 year old nephew play this weekend. Smells the same after all these years.

@Twoin18 I DMd you.

@twoinanddone I won’t miss the smell. He will need a hockey roommate with a balcony to air out their stuff. And you know at college they will wash their gear even less.

Honestly, if he gets a non hockey roommate I doubt they will be able to handle it. The gear only comes in my house in a zipped bag. :wink:

Check out Miami University (Ohio) - Farmer School of Business. Great Hockey programs at all levels.