Business school - pros and cons - don't see it on Poets and Quants ranking of business schools

Could people tell pros and cons of the Smith Business school at UMD! I have one at Kelley and always use Poets and Quants as a go-to for rankings, and UMD isn’t on the list. The younger one doesn’t want to go to Kelley like the older sibling or IU for a few different reasons. Too bad as the program is AWESOME and looking for some feedback on the business program at UMD. Unsure of my exact major at this point.

My son is in the business school (just finishing up freshman year). For direct admits they have a Smith Start program with breaks them into small groups and has programming to help them including things like resume building, interviewing, BBQs, etc. His classes are generally smaller through the business school at least the intro classes. He’s been very happy with his advising and teachers. The dean is amazing.

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I know this thread is old, but in case others have the same question: we inquired with Poets & Quants with this exact question, and were told that some schools (UMD being one) are not included in the ratings because they didn’t respond to a questionnaire.

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Thanks for the update @Easywind
Good to know

FWIW, Business is the most competitive major at UMD.