Business undergrad program

Researching this program for S who may be a recruited athlete. School location, size and culture seem perfect but have not found much about the seemingly good business program. Any insight into faculty, curriculum, culture and outcomes would be most appreciated.

If you haven’t been to the school I recommend you visit before making any final decisions.

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We are very far away from applying and getting and understanding of realistic athletic/academic combos. Any concerns that you think would arise from? The business program seems a bit limited in scope, specialization and faculty… we are comfortable with the specifics of SC overall as we often vacation in the Low Country if that is what you had in mind.

I second the recommendation made by @dragonflies1.

Furman University is a bit sheltered and more like high school than like a university. Students are very image conscious. In the recent past, Greek life was the dominate campus culture. For some, it could be great, but for those who are not Southern, white, Christian, & preppy, it might not be the most comfortable choice.

For status conscious students who prefer a more higher education atmosphere, SMU might be an interesting alternative.

P.S. Some Southern schools to consider if you are attracted to Furman University:

The University of the South at Sewanee
Wake Forest University
Washington & Lee
Rhodes College–especially for pre-med students
Mercer University in Macon, Georgia
The University of Alabama
Any other college or university in South Carolina should offer a somewhat similar preppy culture.

@gablesdad: What is your impression of the culture at Furman University ?

P.S. For a recruited athlete on full scholarship, it could be a great experience because it extends the high school experience of blending athletes into the full campus experience as opposed to separating athletes as is the reality at many Southern Division I universities.

Thanks @Publisher, insightful as always. We are very early on with S and this is largely a dream list. His strong preference is South, preppy, business and country clubby (very different from D), but challenging and his sport suits that background. Lower ranked Div 1 or any rank Div 3. Too early to tell re grades and score, but EC profile will be strongly around his sport.

List we have so far is:

We are not familiar with quality or environment at Elon, Wofford, Mercer or Berry. We like the overall quality rankings of Niche and were trying to stay in “A” and above.