Butler Admission Decision 2024

Has anyone received an admission decision?

My D was accepted. She applied on 10/31 and heard back about 8 days later. Received about 19k in merit $$.

My son was accepted. He heard middle of November. Received $19k a year in merit money. 3.7 GPA weighted, 1390 SAT, xc runner-4 years, artist, 9 AP/Honors classes.

My D was also accepted in early November. 3.7 GPA and 1160 SAT. $16k merit plus auditioning in February for a music scholarship. Great ECs. Been impressed with their communication and marketing. Just watched their basketball team dominate Ole Miss. :slight_smile:

My D also was accepted in early November. 3.9 GPA/unweighted, 29 ACT. She received $20,000/per year in academic merit and will audition for the dance program in February.

My daughter was accepted in late October - 3.9 GPA, 29 ACT, lots of AP and honors classes. She received $20k per year in merit aid.

We’re from NH. My son was accepted in late October 8 days after submitting, 1470 SATs, many APs, 3.8 unweighted GPA. I think his overall stats and application is great, but I’m not an admissions counselor! But he did get $20K/year for all 5 years for the dual degree program with Purdue (or for 4 years if he changes majors). I’m very impressed with their marketing and social media slant. He’s getting alot of positive responses from schools, but they’ll definitely be a contender for sure. We liked our visit a lot.

Has anyone heard back that applied regular decision?

Daughter was accepted. 4.0 GPA, 1510 SAT, 35 ACT. Got $23K/year in scholarship over 4 years. She was admitted into the pharmacy college. We’re from Indiana.

Our daughter has decided on Butler over Pepperdine (her final 2) and several other good options. Pepperdine had long been her favorite but attending the Butler Bound day for admitted students capped with an exciting BB game at Hinkle sold her. She is excited to be a Bulldog!

Honestly, Butler was not on the initial radar but Mom being a Purdue alum took her on a tour of Indiana universities and Butler pleasantly surprised over the likes of Notre Dame, Purdue, and IU on that trip. Selfishly I was pulling for Malibu and personal frequent visits but Butler offered the best combination of academics, size, spiritual and social opportunities that fit our daughter. New dorms did not hurt. Not to mention, considering scholarships Butler will save us $100K over 4 years!

@proudD Congrats! My DD was accepted to Butler with an academic scholarship. We will be visiting Butler in 2 weeks to audition for their dance department. #excited

Is anyone here considering the Dual Degree Engineering Program? My son loves the Butler campus but I am not sure of the quality of the Engineering Degree at IUPUI.

@bbmd67 HI - yes my son is considering it. I’m not definite about the Purdue campus aspect either. Purdue itself has a top notch engineering program. But is this campus program different from the main Purdue one - that’s the main question. If not, it’s a fantastic engineering one. Have you talked to anyone in the program? We were supposed to go out there in March but clearly that never happened.

Dear twinzmom8:
Did your DD pick Butler. We are still deciding down to Butler and Oklahoma. Indiana was too much money.

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Hello college2soon. My DD did not pick Butler. Unfortunately, she moved it off of her list after visiting the campus. When we went it was 12 degrees and snowing. She said she couldn’t imagine living in such a cold climate every winter. We’re from Georgia, BTW…LOL.

She had some amazing choices (Fordham/Ailey, Point Park, SMU, FSU, and SUNY Purchase, but ended up choosing a school with a smaller dance program because she said it felt right when we toured the campus during her audition. She’s finishing her first year at TCU as a Ballet/Contemporary/Modern major.

Butler and Oklahoma both have amazing dance programs. Good luck to your DD. I’m sure she will make the right choice for her.

Thanks, twinzmom8. The cold weather doesn’t bother her. She actually wants to be at a big school. I’m glad your DD found a school that suits her.