Buying a new SUV

<p>I've narrowed it down to 4: the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Rogue, and Kia Sportage.</p>

<p>The Honda is probably the most perceived reliable of the bunch, but also most expensive. The Hyundai has the best styling, mileage, and warranty.</p>

<p>Do anybody here have experience and would like to chime in?</p>

<p>Do not buy an SUV as you will kill the environment.</p>

<p>Lots of love, the world.</p>

<p>Consider the Subaru Forrester, 2009 compact SUV of the year;
its more expensive sister, the Outback, is the 2010 SUV of the year!</p>

<p>Just don't fill it up with BP.</p>

<p>I've had my Tucson for 3+ years and still love it! Did lots of testdrives and actually put my two top choices side by side before making the final decision.</p>

<p>We've had a Tucson for 5 years (2005 model). Not a single thing has ever gone wrong with it. The new Tucsons also get even better mileage, 31mpg, which is good for a vehicle that offers a degree of practicality for hauling stuff like camping gear, hardware store, moving stuff, gardening/landscaping supplies, etc. It's also kind of fun to drive because it's not a 'big vehicle'. The Tucson has much nicer styling than the rest IMO (subjective, of course), has more features for less money, has a great warranty, gets good gas mileage, and is one worth considering.</p>

<p>I have an older Jeep Liberty - ( H requires " American " made cars- it was a downsize from my Plymouth Grand Voyager)- the Kia sized SUVs seemed too small- but I know a couple people who are happy with theirs & the inside is bigger than it looks from the outside- plus I think they have been redesigned.</p>

<p>If I was to downsize more, I would consider the Honda but I agree that the redesign of the Hyundai makes it attractive as well.
2010</a> Honda CR-V Reviews, Pictures and Prices - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews</p>

<p>If you are buying a new car- look at reviews of dealers in your area- service makes a huge difference with satisfaction.</p>

<p>Our van had lots of problems- transmission had to be replaced three times etc. We also bought from a dealer that we liked- as they were the only ones who " got" that I was the one who was driving it & I was going to be asking the questions- not my H.

<p>Unfortunately, they changed hands about a year or so afterward & while still a Chrysler dealership-different people and wasn't run as well IMO.</p>

<p>I'm assuming you know about
New</a> Cars, Used Cars, Car Reviews and Pricing -
It is pretty helpful- especially since I don't have the gene that allows me to memorize the lineage of current cars.

<p>We bought our D a CRV 5 years ago when she graduated from college and it's been great. My dad bought one just recently and he loves it too but I did notice when I drove it that the visibility in the rear corners has been greatly reduced by the new pillar and window design. Be sure to test drive it and check that out.</p>

<p>Dreaming92 - that may be true if you are thinking of the older conventional SUVS from the big-car boom of the late 90s and early 00s, stuff like the Ford Explorer/Excursion and Chevy Suburban, built over a truck chasis.</p>

<p>The popular SUVs today - including each of the ones the OP mentioned - are not true SUVs but rather compact crossovers. They are built on car chasis - and in many cases are equally gas efficient as and leave carbon footprints no bigger than typical family sedans.</p>

<p>*Do not buy an SUV as you will kill the environment.</p>

<p>Lots of love, the world.*</p>

<p>We don't drive every day.
We walk- we carpool- we bus- we bike.
But when we need a car- we need something big enough to take our stuff!
Heck - we even had to get a roof rack and box.</p>

<p>My SIL has had a CR-V for a year - loves it, it seems nice. H will be looking for something similar in a year (assuming the '97 Pathfinder holds out one more year)</p>

<p>He wants to get something smaller but is not anemic on the road; so I suppose we may pick something that is a little less great mileage wise with better performance.</p>

<p>we own two Hyundai's. Extremely happy with the service. Great buy for the money. I would buy another.</p>

H requires " American " made cars


Then if you get to the point of looking for another SUV/CUV he might want to consider looking at the Hyundai Santa Fe which is built in Alabama or the new Kia Sorento which is built in Georgia.</p>

<p>Just cause I'm curious myself, can you list some ballpark figures between the cars you listed? I know the CRV's are quite expensive cause we looked at those before we bought our Saturn Vue Hybrid - but we might be in the market for another soon so I'm curious.</p>

<p>^^ Hyundai Tucson - "from $18,995" according to their website.</p>

<p>^ I'll throw another opinion out there as you said you carpool and walk a lot. You probably won't put a lot of miles on a car. We bought a used 2003 Mercedes ML350 last year and couldn't be happier. It was serviced at the dealer and the miles were highway. I don't think a child or a french fry ever found it's way into that car. The miles were high, but I don't go anywhere so it is perfect for me. We got a great deal.
I would really try to check out a used model, even 1-2 years. You can save a great deal. We also looked at the Honda CRV.</p>

<p>Toyota has a hybrid version of the Highlander. Our neighbors love theirs and the milage is super.</p>

<p>Check the safety ratings at </p>

<p>IIHS</a> vehicle ratings</p>

<p>I think the models listed have good crash test ratings but there is some difference in the roof strength. The problem with getting an older model is that the safely of these vehicles has been increased a great deal in the last few years.</p>

<p>I know someone who got a GREAT deal using Carmax for a used year old. Worth checking. Said it was the easiest and best car transaction they EVER did.</p>

<p>We got a new CR-V a few months ago. I'm not that big on SUVs, but it's what my wife wanted, and it's primarily her car. So far we like it fine.</p>

<p>Have driven an SUV for many years, ever since we graduated from the mini-van stage of life. We've had about 10 and they are ideal for us. I like the much better view of the road you get being up higher than a sedan. When I drive my H's car, it feels like I'm sitting on the ground! :) They're also great for carrying lots of "stuff" including my dogs. Although we've had so many, steph, I'm sorry to say we haven't had any of the ones you're considering so I can't be of any help with those.</p>