byu fall 2019 applicants

hi guys

i just wanted to make this forum so we can talk about byu and stuff. idk what i’m doing i just need some cool people to talk to for when admissions start rollin in ya feel. hope we all get accepted

Hi! I made an account so that I could respond to this thread. One week to go! Good luck, everyone!

Also, does anyone know if they announce scholarships on the same day as admissions decisions?

I believe we will hear about scholarships the same day. I keep checking mybyu everyday to see if something changes. Was a bit bored earlier on today and was pretend “registering” for classes. I ended up on myMAP and saw that I am in good academic standing and have a valid ecclesiastical endorsement through the summer of 2020. This must be good news correct? Has anyone else seen this? I am so so hopeful to be admitted and wish everyone love and luck!!

Additionally, around thanksgiving time I received a cougar magnet in the mail by the admissions office!! I was thrilled! Did anyone else experience this? Goodness the 18th can’t come soon enough!!

My myMAP looks the same as yours, but I don’t know if it means anything… Also, if anyone else was curious, BYU’s website says that they will have scholarship notifications out by the end of February.


i got a magnet too!!


I GOT ACCEPTED!!! :slight_smile:

does anyone know when your financial stuff comes?

I was admitted as well, congratulations everyone. :slight_smile: