Cal Poly Class of 2025 Chances

Wondering about my chances for Cal Poly? Is there a MCA Calculator that does not use test scores? All tests have been cancelled so I will be unable to include test scores. I’m interested in Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences. My Cal Sate App GPA is 4.3. Does Cal Poly use this GPA? My A-G requirements toal 21, with 2 history, 4 English, 3 Math, 2 Biological Sciences, 2 Physical Sciences, 3 Years Spanish, 2 Visual Arts and 2 College Pre Electives., 10 honor points. I have worked 20+ hours all through high school, philanthropy, sports & leadership.


As for GPA, Cal Poly includes freshman year grades but is otherwise the same. Good Luck

Cal Poly SLO uses 9-11th grades with the 8 semester Honors point cap for their CSU GPA calculation.

You can used the Rogerhub UC GPA calculator and input your 9th grades so the Capped weighted UC GPA + 9th grades= SLO CSU GPA for admission purposes.

The MCA calculator has not been updated without test scores and since this is the first year test scores are not being utilized, any MCA calculated could not be compared to historical statistical data so kinda of moot.

Here is the 2020 Freshman admitted GPA range for the College of Environmental Science and Agriculture for reference.

SLO GPA: 3.83 – 4.21

Using the University of California Calculator I have a 4.10 weighted GPA. I also applied to SDSU, Long Beach, UCSC, UCI, UCSB UCSD. I’m a San Diego resident so I’m hoping SDSU will be a good backup school Thank you for your help in clarifying how to figure out my Cal Poly GPA.

Based on your GPA only, SLO looks like a Match school for your intended major. Best of luck.

Thank you!

Hello, My number one choice is Cal Poly SLO for aerospace engineering. On the CSU application, my weighted GPA is 4.07. Is it correct that admissions also factors how many hours I’ve spent on extracurriculars and work? Does it help that I’ve taken three college level math classes (Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations)? Or is the review really just by the numbers, and the calculator won’t “see” that information. Thank you. It’s such a crazy year to try to figure this out.

@JuneBell: Your CSU GPA is not the SLO GPA since Cal Poly SLO uses 9-11th grades so you can use the Rogerhub calculator and input your 9th grades to calculate out your capped weighted SLO GPA.

EC hours are factored into the MCA review of the application along with extra rigor points for up to 10 semesters of Math courses. If the CC courses are CSU transferable, then you will also get honors points in the CSU GPA calculation which is capped at 8 Semesters (10-11th grades only).

Since test scores are not being considered, it is difficult to determine how they will review applicants. If your GPA is 4.0+ and you have solid HS course rigor, you do have a chance at SLO. It will come down how you compare to all the other AE applicants.

Thank you for this great resource. May I ask two clarifying questions?

  • On that calculator, a person receives an extra point for an AP class. But is that per semester, with a a cap of 8 semesters? We have yearlong classes with one grade at the end. Would that indicate 2 points for the year for each of these classes?
    *There is a lot of emphasis in the forums on including one’s coursework from middle school on the CSU application (advanced math and language classes). Should those classes be added in on the GPA calculator?
    *And senior year classes don’t count? I’m taking four APs, so it seems strange that they don’t factor.

Thank you so much again.

@JuneBell: If your HS runs on year long classes with one grade, then you select the option on the calculator for year instead of semesters. So the maximum honors points would be 4 for year long, 8 for semesters, 12 for trimesters and 16 for quarters.

Middle school classes (Math and Foreign Language) should be listed on your CSU application to get rigor points but grades are not included in the GPA calculation.

Senior classes are also used for rigor points but grades are not included in the GPA calculation.

Here is the premise of the course rigor points: class rigor score, worth 750 points. In this section you get zero points for meeting the minimum admission requirements and adders for more than the minimum. The bonuses in order of power are (min semesters/max total semesters/bonus per extra semester/total possible bonus): math 6/10/125/500, lab science 4/8/50/200, English 8/10/50/100, foreign language 4/8/25/100, visual performance 2/4/25/50, no bonus points for social sciences or electives. As with GPA, you can actually score higher than the maximum, but 750 is the most they will count.

Finally, work and ECs, worth 350 points. Work (hours per week/bonus): 0/0, 1-5/20, 6-10/40, 11-15/60, 16-20/80, 21+/100, add 50 points if work is major related. ECs (hours per week/bonus): 0/0, 1-5/30, 6-10/60, 11-15/90, 16-20/120, 21+/150, add 60 points for leadership role.

SLO states they use the MCA for selection criteria:” All candidates are objectively evaluated by the cognitive and non-cognitive variables under our faculty-mandated Multi-Criteria Admission (MCA) process. We encourage students to apply to the program they feel best fits their academic and professional goals.”

However, they no longer claim that the information I posted above is correct and currently in use.

What are some gpas in past years for students accepted to architectural engineering?

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We should only use A-G courses when calculating the gpa, correct?

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Yes. A-G courses for 9-11hth grades with an 8 semester Honors cap bump for UC approved Honors, AP,IB or DE courses taken 10-11th. Use the Rogerhub UC Calculator and just add 9th grades to the calculator.