Cal Poly Dean of Engineering forced out?

<p>Cal</a> Poly?s controversial dean of engineering dismissed | Cal Coast News</p>

<p>So, if that story is right (and, it very well might be. It names its sources!) Dean Noori may have fired.</p>

<p>What is amusing is to see a cheer come up from the Computer Science students. Our fee committee had it's funding 're-allocated' by the dean to other departments and uses. Needless to say, this didn't make the Computer Science students very happy.</p>

<p>Wow! if the article is true and the comments about Noori as well, it is a good thing that he is leaving. of course it is still scary to have no one as the head of engineering. That means the department chairs will be working even harder. Not great when my son is just starting there. New president and a new dean. Ugh!</p>

<p>^^ ...and the CA economy right now. :( Frankly, I would rather pay a bit more tuition if it means less furloughs and teacher lay-offs. </p>

<p>Well, there's always the old adage **"When one door closes, another one opens". **Hopefully, there will be something positive behind that new door.</p>

<p>I just read the article and you're right, momofmv. If this article is correct, it sounds like this is a GOOD move. Now they can find someone who is more compatible with the school and dept. But, I know what you mean about our kids being the "guinea pigs" for these new hirees. :) Hopefully, it will be a positive learning and growing experience for all.</p>

<p>bjornredtail: I assumed that all those extra class fees for the CSC/CPE classes my son took the last few years went toward paying for those classes. You mean to tell me that wasn't the case and that those fees were reallocated to a different department? Mind either providing a link on that topic or giving some more details? I'm interested in learning more about this. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Let's start at the beginning:
Long ago back in 2002 or so, long before I even was thinking about going to university there was a student referendum to increase fees for academic purposes. These were called the "College Based Fees" or CBFs. In exchange, the referendum created a number of elected student groups. There were supposed to have a say on exactly how the money was spent. And normally they do: At the town-hall portion of the 08-09 "State of the Student" address Warren Baker himself told me that there had not been a time when the wishes of the student fee committee were overridden. Not long after this, the California budget started to implode more rapidly than normal. Additionally, Cal Poly created a new engineering department: Biomedical Engineering, which had some startup costs. As a result, various other departments had budget shortfalls. In order to make up for these shortfalls, Dean Noori withdrew a big chunk of the CSC department's funding. The CBF allocation committee was effectively forced to cover salaries of tenured professors, draining around 80% of their budget, which meant vastly reduced lab hours, somewhat reduced class offerings from part-time faculty (though, as far as I know, no one was laid off) and no funding for student projects. Thankfully, before this happened they managed to fund the 24hour magstripe access system, so we not have access to our labs again. </p>

<p>In the college of engineering everyone pays the same CBF, even though funding decisions are made on a department level. So, I'm not entirely sure what you are talking about "special fees" CSC or CPE classes. There are a couple of things that come close: Clint Staley's summer and break offerings are paid for through counting education. They just don't receive any state subsidy anyways. In that case, you were and still are paying for the full cost of the class. What else could it be? I'm not sure, there might have been special fees for CPE490 when it was the Android development class (I kindof doubt it. I remember reading that Google donated the phones). And, some of the more EEish CPE classes have real-live lab stuff to buy, like that darn Digilent FPGA board.</p>

<p>When you go to PASS, certain CPE & CSC classes say “Course is funded by CSC/SE Student Fee Committee” and I assumed some unknown fee paid for this class. I’m guessing that the CSC/SE’s Student Fee Committee decides on how the program’s CBF gets divided up, with most of the money going toward classes or paying for instructors. Noticed that many departments, not just those in engineering, also have some sort of “elected student group” that does the same thing with their CBF. So that must be the “fee” I was questioning.</p>

<p>I was surprised that CSC’s CBF was somehow not used for CSC/SE programs, as you mentioned. If that’s the case, I’d be very upset, too. Thanks again for the explanation.</p>

<p>The dean just stepped down and will be a mechanical engineering teacher.
Cal</a> Poly Announces Leadership Change in the College of Engineering</p>

<p>That's a pretty common scenario for tenured administrators to be retained as professors. My guess is his life will be pretty miserable and he'll eventually find another position. Will the interim dean, Erling Smith, be well-received?</p>

<p>I do feel a bit worried/frustrated that all of this is happenening when my son is entering CP in the engineering department and of course for all of the other students in engineering. I am just hopeful that the deans of each department will help to keep things running smoothly. It may be a very good change in the long run. Lots of changes...</p>