Cal Poly: Point of alternative major

<p>What is the point of alternative major? I don’t see it on the portal. Is there a likelihood of being accepted for the alternative major?</p>

<p>There is no point of the alternative major. Some CSU's will consider the applicant's alternate major but Cal Poly does not. I don't really understand why it's on the application, but thats what the admissions office will tell you. If you are unsure what major you want to apply for, do some research on the classes you would take, etc. It might help. If you have already submitted your app, you can still make changes as well :)</p>

<p>I left my alternative major blank b/c I heard it doesn't matter. Is that going to be a problem in any way? Have they ever accepted anyone for the alternative major instead of their first choice? I'm confident I'll get in but I'm just wondering.</p>