**Cal Poly Pomona Class of 2025 Decisions**

Please post your CPP decision along with your stats.

Academic Math GPA (Academic grade point average in all completed math courses, including math and quantitative reasoning (approved Area C and Area G) courses taken):
HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE):
Local Service area/Non-local/International:
Your experiences and special circumstances such as military status, first generation to attend college, work experience, foster youth, extra-curricular activities, leadership positions, work related to major, approved campus partnerships and high school educational programs:

Best of luck to all.

This template was edited to include the additional factors CPP utilized in the application review due to going test blind this admission cycle.

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Decision: Accepted

CSU GPA: 3.73, 4.09

Major: Sociology-Social Work Emphasis

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE): 6 AP courses of the 8 offered at my school, along with 8 honors courses

EC’s and any additional info:

-Positions I’ve held include treasurer, class president, secretary, and commissioner.
I’ve been involved with Varsity Tennis, African American Heritage Club, NHS, Student Leadership, Volunteered at a local church in my city over the course of HS, and mentioned journaling as an important hobby of mine. Those are the activities I remember from the top of my head.

-Class Rank: At the time of application it was 6/345. Now, with updated fall grades, I’m ranked 5/340.

-Invited to apply to Kellogg Honors College

-I’m a first generation student as well.

-Admitted: CPP, CSUSM, CSUF, ASU

  • Currently waiting on: 4 UCs and SDSU. Dream school is UCLA, and I received the supplemental questionnaire so I may or may not get in. However, I’m very happy about the provisional admission from CPP.
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Decision for my S21: Admitted

CSU GPA: 3.97
not sure on the Math GPA
Major: Computer Science
in-state, not local to CPP

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE):
9 APs, 2 UC-eligible Honors 5.0 classes, and 8 community college classes (all transferrable). This includes his current classes in Senior year.
Total 29 years of A-G courses.

EC’s and any additional info:
Received invite for Kellogg Honors but not yet sure if he will apply, cause he already has a lot of GE credits

ECs: Robotics, Piano, Sports (2x national team member and won 1st place international competition), volunteer in sports and church. So his volunteer hours falls on the highest range of choices (I think it’s 20+ hours/week?), and major-related due to robotics.

No other special circumstances, not First Gen and not eligible for financial aid. No work experience.

Admitted: CPP, CSUF, CSULA, CSUSB, CSUN, CSUCI, CalLutheran, Univ of Pacific
Waitlisted: CSULB
Waiting for: SLO, SJSU, SDSU, 5 UCs

Most likely, he’ll accept admission from CPP.


DS21 accepted 2/10/21
CSU GPA: 4.29
Major: EE
HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE): 13 APs
EC’s and any additional info: Varsity tennis x3, several other tennis-related ECs, internship in cybersecurity
Invited to apply for Kellogg but will not likely do so

Accepted: Purdue, Case Western, DSU, UofA (honors) ASU (Barrett honors), CO Mines, CU Boulder
Deferred: MIT
Waiting: Cal Poly SLO, most UCs, UIUC, USC

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Where are people getting their decisions? Portal? Can you say where in the portal, very specifically?


You can go on BroncoDirect (beta), click “New Students” on the left, and then “Application Status”.

Ok. Thanks. Yes, that’s where we’ve been looking and the status says “needs documents” but says none in “to-do’s.” And the “needs documents” is not clickable for more info.

Decision for my D21: Admitted
CSU GPA: 4.11
Major: Biology
In-state, local

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE): 7 APs, 2 Honors, 2 community college courses

Internships/Volunteer Work info: Neuro Medical Internship, Asst. Dir. for Community Youth Ensemble, Musical Instrument Coach

ECs: Several Leadership Roles. Marching Band 4 yrs., Tournament of Roses Honor Band, Wind Ensemble 4yrs., Jazz Band 4 yrs., High School Theatre Orchestra Pit, Youth Symphony Orchestra

Invited to apply to Kellogg Honors College

Admitted: CPP

Waiting for: CalPoly SLO, UCB, UCD, UCLA, UCSB, UCI, UCSC

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Decision: DD21 admitted
CSU GPA: 3.91
Major: Urban and Regional Planning
HS Rigor: 7 APs, 2 Honorsa
Non-Local, so cal
ECs: 4 Year Sport, club sport, 12 years Girl scouts, 2 clubs

Invited to apply to honors college.

Admitted: CPP, Chico, Western Washington



Decision: Waitlisted

CSU GPA: 3.75

Supplemental Requirement for Engineering?? : 1530 SAT (800 Math)

Major: Electrical Engineering

HS Course Rigor: 9 APs, 1 community college class

ECs: School varsity swim, weekly volunteering
California resident but not in local service area

First-generation to college

For anyone seeing this, do you know the chances of getting off the waitlist? CPP was my number one choice for college and I’m just kind of down about this.

I also don’t know if CPP is looking at the math score for SAT due to engineering being an impacted major. Their website listed it as a supplement. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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No waitlist data for the last few years. Your chances depend upon how many admitted students decide not enroll by May 1.

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Accepted 2/9/2021 around 6:30pm via portal
Mechanical Engineering

CSU GPA: 3.93

Academic Math GPA: 3.75 UW/ 4.0W

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE): 7 AP, 1 Honors, 5 DE (25 total years of a-g courses)

Local Service area/Non-local/International: In State, Non-Local

Your experiences and special circumstances: 15+ Hours EC w/leadership, 6+ hours work experience, major related

Received Kellogg invite


CSU GPA: 4.05
Major: Computer Science
in-state, not local to CPP

HS course rigor (AP/IB/DE):
9 APs, 6 community college classes (all transferrable). This includes his current classes in Senior year

EC’s and any additional info:
Received invite for Kellogg Honors.

ECs: Robotics, Boy Scouts

Admitted: SCU, CPP, Pacific, Perdue
Waiting for: SLO, SJSU, SDSU, 5 UCs

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Decision: S21 admitted ( by email 02/10/2021)
CSU GPA: 3.67
Major : Business Administration ( Accounting)
HS Rigor: 8 APs, 8 Honors
Non-Local, so cal
ECs: Tennis

Admitted: CPP, ASU

Waiting: SDSU, CSUF

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My daughter’s portal was updated to this:
Admissions Denied, Application Redirected

Do you know what application redirected means?

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Mine says the same as well, not sure what it means

I hope someone has some idea on this…
Waiting to hear from other CSUs-SJSU, SDSU and Cal Poly SLO

Perhaps this?

I found this on the CPP website explaining all of the application statuses.

" Based on the self-reported information you supplied on your application, you have met the eligibility requirements for admission to the California State University. However, because our campus is impacted for first-time freshmen and upper division transfer students for [certain majors], your application has therefore been redirected to an alternate campus.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from the time you receive the official notification of redirection to hear from the campus in which your application has been redirected."

Basically, I believe your application was redirected to another Cal State Campus where programs are less impacted.

You can find the website explaining all of this by signing into Bronco direct and clicking on application status help on your application status page.

Thank you @guldms and @ucbalumnus
This helps for sure. Let’s see where she gets redirected when we get the email from them.
We are in California but not local to CPP so it will be interesting to see.