Cal Poly Pomona Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applied to Cal Poly Pomona in 2022? Decisions are expected sometime before April 1st. Last year, decisions were released on February 23rd. This is a space to connect with other applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates. Good luck everyone!


Got invited to the honor program in Dec, is it a good sign?


Yes it is a good sign but I have seen invited students not get an acceptance so be aware there are exceptions.


DS was invited to apply as well. I love that they have priority registration. DS will definitely apply. He’s looking for a social life and ability to connect with the campus. Honors college is a great way to do that.


hello, I haven’t posted since almost 1 year now.

My son started in CPP in Fall2021.

Honors College seems to be a great program. The only reason why my son didn’t apply to Honors College is because even before entering CPP as a freshman, he already has earned total of 45 units from his community college classes plus AP credits (45 units credited by CPP), which makes him Sophomore standing. If he did Honors college, he would repeat some of the GE courses that he already got credits for.

Knock on wood, he might be able to graduate in Spring 2024 (just 3 years).


Do you mind sharing how you were invited? Was it via email?

It was in email. But you don’t have to have gotten the email (or waste a bunch of time searching your kids’ email account to find it. I found a lot of emails from colleges initially went into my son’s spam filter and we lost a couple of colleges’ emails.)

Here’s the link: Kellogg Honors College First Year Freshman Application

It’s due in March


Cal Poly Humboldt is the newest Cal Poly in California, and it offers many great degree and credential programs for students still looking for a solid place to land in Fall 2022. Cal Poly Humboldt accepts applications via the CSU portal until February 28, 2022.

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Daughter got accepted today Tuesday February 8 Sociology.


through email or portal?

Awesome!!! Congrats!!!

Thrilled to hear some of the acceptances are starting. (Though it means I’m about to become an impatient portal stalker.)

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Through email.

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Sorry, what are her stats ? If you dont mind please…

4.33 weighted local.

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Just checked portal after seeing your post.
Strangely, there was no email but it says “Congratulations, you have been admitted to Cal Poly Pomona!” on the portal.
Major: Biotechnology
CSU GPA: 4.24


I see, thank you. Pomona is also freshman first like the SLO ?


Computer Science

  • GPA:
    – CSU GPA: 4.27
    – Unweighted GPA: 4.0
  • In-state, non-local
  • HS course rigor: 5 AP & 1 CC (AP Comp Sci A, AP Comp Sci Prin, AP Physics, AP CALC A/B, & CALC B/C, and a college Computer Programming class) A-G Reqs: A-2.5, B-4, C-6, D-4, E-3, F-1, G-3.5.
  • EC’s and major-related job:
    – EPP Participation: none
    – Work: 21+ hours/wk, major-related
    – EC: 11-15 hours/wk, w/ leadership

And I just confirmed DS hasn’t gotten an email from CPP yet either. Just the portal says “Congratulations!” But I think the same thing happened with SDSU. They updated the portal a day before the email went out.

We’re new to applying to CPP. What is the timeline for the admittances to get released - rolled out over a few days, the next week or two, etc.? How about waitlists and denials? Thanks!