Cal Poly Pomona Freshman Fall 2020 Applied/Accepted Thread

applied 10/28
in state/not local
GPA 3.4
SAT 1200
Music Industry Studies
Does anybody know stats for admission for this major?

There is no specific EI or stats by major for Cal Poly Pomona.

If your CSU Capped weighted is 3.4, then your Eligibility index (EI) is (3.4 x 800) + (1200)= 3920

Average CSU GPA for CPP as a whole was 3.83 and SAT of 1225. Your GPA is below the average but SAT is within range.
Average EI was 4289.

Not a solid Match school but worth an application. Best of luck.

Anyone know when they typically send out freshman acceptances? All at the same time or do they notify early like how SDSU did for a subset of applicants? Thanks!

@TheCollegeDad: The majority of Cal states start with acceptances for local in-service area applicants followed by the out of area applicants and Out of State/International applicants. In the past, CPP starts notifying at the end of January/Early February through April.

SDSU is unusual in that they notify a small group of High Stat and OOS applicants in Mid December.

I saw on their website at
that “Fall 2020 Admission Offers” will be made “FEB 01 Through March 31”
Best of luck! My D is waiting to hear.

As of today, my son has not received his Application confirmation email requesting to set up his portal. We have called the admissions office several times and have been told each time that they are having a system problem and to check back in a week. We went in person Friday January 24th and was told the same thing. Said it is affecting several applicants. Anyone else having this problem? We want to make sure we are not missing any important information.

My son received his confirmation/portal setup email within a week of applying. He set up his account immediately. His account has continued to state “application received - no action required” since that time. He hasn’t received any notifications either. My guess is that your son hasn’t missed anything. Were they able to confirm that he has applied?

Im glad your son isn’t affected by this. My son has some friends that received their confirmation and some that have not. We did ask if they could verify his application but they said they were unable to. Hoping to hear something this week.

Fingers crossed that they have his application. I hope that you hear soon.

@jkfriend Ask your son to check his email’s spam folder. My son’s confirmation email went to the spam folder. I hope he can also find it there.

Thank you. We did check there. He went in and spoke to his HS counselor and she called Cal Poly admissions too. They confirmed that there is a system problem and should be fixed by next week. (Same thing they have been telling us for a month). Keeping fingers crossed that we will get something this week.

Ok, I am pretty amazed that acceptances have not been rolled out thus far. Last year, my oldest had already heard from CPP. What is going on? Application cost has increased from $55 to $70 per CSU and we are not notified within a timely manner? I understand that they say they start notifications February 1 but this is amazing.

My application still says that it’s received… hope I get it decisions by tomorrow or Monday!

applied 11/02
in state/ local
Cal State GPA 4.03
SAT 1230
Music Industry Studies
I haven’t heard anything yet. This is the only school that I want to go to.
@Gumbymom Do you think I got a chance?

@Bamoo55. Yes you have a chance but how you compare to the other applicants in your intended major is what will matter in the end. For the overall campus, your stats are above average

@Gumbymom Thank you!
For Music Industry you have an option to audition for the music scholarship or else it is not required to audition. I didn’t go for the audition because I am a late start in Music. I also applied for EOP and nothing has come forward. This college is a perfect fit for me because I live 15 mins (7 miles) away. I have my heart set on this. I was accepted from CSUSB, CSULA already, however, I am in a low-income family and I don’t think I can afford room and board for those colleges. My Family EFC is 0. I have a twin brother and he has received an invitation to attend the honor class at Cal Poly Pomona.
His stats:
applied 11/02
in state/ local
Cal State GPA 4.05
SAT 1250
Major: Technical Theatre
I am nervous about myself. I hope I get accepted. Keep my finger cross.
If there is anyone else waiting or got accepted, please share.

Hoping to join the ranks, my stats aren’t the best but it’s always worth a shot! Good luck to all.

GPA: 3.8810
SAT: 1210
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Got in !!!,
Guys it just came out today at 6:00 pm

Major: Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.92
SAT: 1470


*Major:Pre Computer Engineering