Cal Poly Pomona Mechanical Engineering Applicants

Has anyone received an actual rejection email yet? My son applied at the end of November and his status hasn’t changed from “Decision Pending” for several weeks.

Sorry, I should have said “Ready for Review”.

I havent heard of any transfers being accepted for mechE just the first time freshman. So maybe within the next few weeks we will hear from them

Hey ScoobiSal, my son is a freshman but we haven’t heard anything. He did apply the last week of November so maybe that had something to do with it. Haven’t heard from SLO either but that’s a long shot for him. Good luck with your transfer.

Bump for the weekend crew.

I applied for MechE too. Nothing has been sent to me. I think I will need to wait a little bit longer.

I’m a mechE transfer. Been at “ready for review” for a few weeks now

Not sure if this any help, but my son is a first time freshman and was notified of acceptance back the first week in January for MechE

When did your son apply?

Mid November 11/11 to be exact. He also heard from SDSU in mid December. Sadly was denied from Cal Poly SLO

I applied on Nov30. I am waiting for an answer. Thanks for replying @CrazyForCollege‌. Sorry to hear about that from Cal Poly SLO.

I also applied nov 30 but for electrical engineering. Nobody I know that applied as a stem major has heard back from Pomona.

Accepted today for ME

Are you a transfer student @mestudent1‌?

Yes, transferring from COC

Congratulations@mestudent1. I am an incoming freshmen.

@Jr12317‌ thanks!