**Cal Poly SLO Class of 2025 Stats Only Thread**

Starting the official Stats only Thread for Cal Poly SLO applicants. Please no discussions just post your stats and decision.

CSU GPA (10-11th grades with 8 Semester Honors point cap):
SLO GPA (9-11th grades with 8 Semester Honors point cap):
HS course Rigor (# of Honors/AP/IB or DE courses):
Instate/Out of State or International:
Date accepted:

Best of luck to all and please see the information regarding the Cal Poly SLO student Facebook page below:
Hi! It’s Traci from the Cal Poly Parents FB page. If possible, I’d love to make students aware of the student facebook page for the incoming Cal Poly SLO class of 2025. There are a few lookalikes run by marketing companies that collect personal data, so it would be great to try to get ahead of those and make the one run by CP students a bit more prominent earlier this year. The student page accepts students who have applied to CP, as well as those who have been admitted, and it’s a great place for them to find roommates. If you have an opportunity to share the info, here’s a link: [Facebook Groups](Facebook Groups


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