Cal Poly SLO Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applied to Cal Poly SLO in 2022? Decisions are expected sometime before April 1st. Last year, decisions were released on February 23rd. This is a space to connect with other applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates. Good luck everyone!


Thanks for creating this thread. My daughter is anxiously waiting and hoping to be able to agonize between UCSB and SLO.



SLO is my son’s first choice. He applied to 12 other schools, but he’s not really considering any but SLO and CPP. He’s going for CS, so we recognize it’s tough to get in.

Good luck to your son. I hope your son will get into SLO. My son was rejected by SLO, but got accepted to CPP last year. I think CPP’s CS is under the Math department whereas SLO’s CS is under the Engineering department. I remember that there were many students with lower GPA than my son got accepted to SLO CS, so they must have looked at something else more than GPA.

Yeah, CPP’s CS is in the science dept while SLO’s is in the engineering. I suppose it doesn’t matter that much which college it’s in, but to me it seems like it fits in engineering better.

And yeah, SLO has a long list of criteria that they look at in addition to GPA (number of certain A-G courses above the minimum, EC hours, work hours, leadership, major-related, and more). DS is strong in those areas, but with a 10% acceptance rate in CS, perfect candidates still get rejected. I’ve prepared DS for that fact. Now we just cross our fingers.

Where did you find SLO’s CS acceptance rate? Actually my son is now attending UCSD CSE, but they never disclose the acceptance rate. I kept researching, but no success. I only know that UCLA and UCB have disclosed this info, but no other UC or CSU schools.

SLO posts Target projections for each major. The issue is that they do not post yield and how many applicants are accepted by major. So using a default yield of 33%, last year that expected 5838 Freshman applicants for CS with 205 spots available. If the yield is 33%, they would admit 3X as many spots which is 615. 615/5838 gives a 10.5% acceptance rate.


UCSD is awesome. One of my son’s older friends is there for CS. DS applied there too, but we don’t think it’s the best fit for him. He’s looking for smaller class sizes and the opportunity to really get to know his teachers. That pretty much rules out the larger UCs and CSUs. He was accepted to SDSU, but again… large impersonal classes for most GE classes. Honors college could address that, but his Engineering teacher really likes CPP and SLO and recommended both to him.

S2 applied for CompE OOS. It’s an outlier for him, and the admissions process seemed kind of odd, and discounted some of his strong points, but the practical nature of the courses appealed to him.