Cal Poly SLO Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Do you recall if she was notified by email or just by checking her portal?

Please move conversations about the Berkeley verdict, that do not pertain to SLO, to this thread.


Unless the Berkeley verdict causes CP to accept less students

My reasoning for the original post was that I was thinking that perhaps UCD and Cal Poly SLO would do the same at some point to assuage those same fears/concerns for applicants at those respective institutions, especially so at Davis due to its geographic proximity to Berkeley.

Will we have to wait another week for decisions to come out?

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Please move this conversation to this thread. UC Berkeley may be forced to admit 5100 fewer students
Thank you!


I am pretty sure it just showed up in her portal. There were other messages in the 2024 thread that said they just looked in their portals.

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let’s hope they are just under promising / over delivering. hopefully we will hear soon! :slight_smile:


Is anyone else having trouble accessing application status all of a sudden? I’ve been looking at it all day and now when I click on Student Center under admissions after logging in to the portal, it wont open. I’ve logged out and back in and still nada.

I was able to log in, no decision for in state non local

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same - in state (non local) - no decision yet

Nothing here. OOS


My third and final kid is a freshman at Davis and my first two at Cal Poly. It was beyond stressful but it all turned out well for us and will for your family . I can’t believe I’m back on this site but I agree it was super helpful to have this community.


My daughter didn’t notice she was admitted last year for a week :joy:


The UW forum is lighting up!


UW came out 30 minutes ago


EDIT — UW - Daughter was just accepted. :partying_face::partying_face:. But she doesn’t want to go - too close to home (20 mins). But it’s an amazing in-state option. (I was responding to someone who asked when UW was coming out.)


Congrats. Can you please share the major? Also, when you say “just accepted” do you know when exactly your portal updated and did you get an email?