Cal Poly SLO for Public Health

I was just admitted to Cal Poly SLO for Public Health! From what I can tell, it is a new program there. Does anyone have any input about majoring in Public Health at Cal Poly?

I visited CP last week with my D. I asked an Assistant Dean about the Public Health major. If I recall the answer correctly, the Public Health program was not yet fully staffed with faculty, so they might not be able to accept my D if she wanted to transfer into the major or double major in Public Health. I think it’s possible that because the major is new, there could be some growing pains and glitches in the first few years.

Thank you! @Interested_Dad

Hey, did you ever find more information on Public Health at SLO. I’m applying to transfer and SLO is an option.
Please let me know thanks!

Hey, sorry I’m replying to this so late but I currently am going to Cal Poly as a public health major so if you would like any information feel free to private message me!

Hi @bananakost Please give us information about the pubic health major at Cal Poly. My daughter was just admitted to it. I am new to college confidential in order to hear your thoughts, and it looks like I can’t private message you without having 15 posts to this site. Can you private message me with info about the major or post info here?

@bananakost Hi I got accepted into cal poly as a public health major c/o 2023 and I was wondering if you could give more info about the program! Do you like it? Are the professors good?

@calculost @leigh5s hello! I’m currently a kinesiology major here in SLO, but I hope I can shed some light. The KINE/PH department intermingle with each other quite a bit. The KINE courses and HLTH courses overlap, so they can be a mix of students from each respective major. I recommend looking through the course catalog that’s available of Cal Poly’s site to get an idea of the classes that are being offered. Many major courses are in the works, but they’re expanding the public health curriculum by the 2019-2020 school year. They are in the process of hiring new professors to help with this. Many of the KINE professors will also be teaching the PH domain.

@shay09 do you like the public health/kinesiology department? are the professors good? I really like the courses offered!

@calculost I personally love the department! There’s lots of opportunities for you to explore and get involved in multiple disciplines. The professors are super helpful with advising, and helping you with career choices! Some classes are definitely better than others, but that’s expected with any major on campus. It’s a small department, so it’s nice to have the professors remember you on a first name basis.

@shay09 that’s really nice! I’m oos so I still don’t know if the cost is worth it. do you know any public health majors?

I do! PM me:)

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