Cal Poly SLO General Engineering or Statistics

I saw the SLO data on projected enrollment. My son is torn between General Engineering and Statistics (Data Science minor). Based on the data provided, he has a 13% chance at Gen Eng.; 18% chance at Statistics. Am I calculating that correctly? Also, his CSU application says he has 23 years of A-G courses when only 15 years are required, and he has 5 years of math, including AP Cal AB and BC. However, his overall GPA is 4.08 and will be closer to 4.03 when he factors 9th grade. Does he have a chance at SLO?

You have to also factor in yield. It’s different for every major and those specifics aren’t released. In general though yield is 33%. Therefore, multiply your numbers by 3.

As for which major, he needs to pick the one that interests him the most.