Cal Poly SLO Transfer Thread for Fall 2023

Per request, here is the a new SLO Transfer thread for Fall 2023.
Using the template, fill out the pertinent information and feel free to discuss.

Golden Four:
Volunteer/Work hours:
Leaderships positions: Yes


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Hmm… No one applied to Cal Poly this year? ;))

Major: CS
GPA: 3.7
AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: Complete
Golden Four: AABB
Local: Almost
Volunteer/Work hours: Yes, 24+ hours
Leaderships positions: Yes
Accepted to CSUN, CSUSB
Waiting Cal Poly Slo and Pomona

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Post not valid per OP.

First time I have seen a College GPA over 4.0. Is this correct and if so, which CC has this GPA calculation for my future knowledge?

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ha! i just saw im on the transfer thread. just kidding we are incoming freshman!

So is this a valid post since as a Freshman the AS-T and Golden 4 are not applicable to admission? I would suggest you edit it to be accurate so I can move the post into the correct discussion thread.



When do decisions come out

Decisions are posted usually in April after the Freshman decisions.

By chance do you know the timeline of transfer decisions?

Looking at last year’s transfer discussion thread, some decisions were posted at the end of March.

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Okaay, transfer humans, the freshman decisions are out… Anyone care to break the dry-spell in this thread and start actually post their stats(if you don’t mind) and or soon to be decisions ? … I have no logical idea why this years transfer discussions are so passive compared to other years, but your post/s will be VERY helpful to each other in coordinating and sharing acceptance dates/ decisions / waitlists/ hopes / disappointments … and combat the anxiety of waiting a little bit…

I threw in an app. 3.78 GPA at UCLA for Biochem

Hey guys! I’d love to start a lively transfer thread. My stats aren’t super impressive, but SLO is 2 1/2 hours from my hometown, and many of my friends go there. Compared to all of you super qualified applicants my stats are meh but I’ll post them to get the ball rolling and as a reference point for others of the same major:

Major: Liberal Studies
(College of Math and Science)
GPA: 3.43-3.5ish
AS-T: No, but 2-3+ associates degrees: general science, liberal arts, Elementary Education (maybe)
Pre-reqs: All required and all recommended complete
Golden Four: A or B (2 of my classes fit this category), A, A, C
Local: No: Santa Cruz County
Volunteer/Work hours: Yes, 24+ hours, in the field
Leaderships positions: Yes
Accepted to: CSULB, CSUN, CSUMB, Cal Poly Humboldt, SFSU, SJSU, Chico

I spent 3 total years in community college


For 2023 Applicants -


2022 - March 21 @ 3:57 PM & March 23 @ 4


2021 - March 17 @ 6:23 PM

2020 - March 16 @ 5:24 PM & 10:11 PM &

March 23 @ 5:45 PM


2022 - March 29 @ 5:37 PM (At least 1 person accepted from Waitlist on Apr 29)

2021 - March 25 @ 1:44 PM

2020 - March 17 @ 5:20 PM


2022 - March 30 @ 2:46 PM

2021 - April 1st @ 1:30 PM

2020 - March 18 @ 12:21 PM


My stats are pretty average but I’m bored playing the waiting game again

major: mechanical engineering; I think I applied to materials engineering as my second choice
gpa: 3.52

AS-T: I have an AS-T in comp sci and mathematics. I will have my AS in engineering, physics, math and then the other 2 that come with general ed stuff including behavioral science.

pre-reqs: all of them and some extras including dynamics

golden four: yeah

local: no, in state tho

work hours: 20+ but not really in my field

leadership positions: no

I was accepted conditionally for mech last year with the same stats but needed to withdraw from my semester due to some stuffs happening. Not surprisingly I was denied admission in the end so, I decided to stay at CC another year and take all the courses I could :v:

I think what made me appealing as an applicant was my unit amount and time spent at CC. Hoping it’s the same this year but honestly I can see it going either way easily

Also I’ve been accepted to a couple CSUs but waiting on San Diego also :roll_eyes: