Cal Poly SLOtransfer - Decision only thread for Fall 2020

Hi! I only saw one for the freshman. We need one for transfers. Please post as soon as you find out! I noticed there was already a decision made for an OOS freshman. Wondering if in the past make decisions first on the OOS freshman, then last transfers?

Accepted around 10pm!!!
Major: Business Admin.
GPA: 3.92
Pre-reqs: One more, but will be completed in the spring
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Local: No, Moorpark College (CA)

Accepted around 11:30pm
Major: Business Administration
GPA: 3.69
Pre-reqs: one more left (managerial accounting) will complete this spring
Local: no, Modesto junior college (northern ca)

Accepted! Still can’t believe it!
Major: Economics
GPA: 3.63
Pre-reqs: all done
Golden Four: A, B, A, A
Local: No, Cosumnes River (Sac Area)

Major: Psychology
GPA: 3.79
Pre-reqs: One more, will be done by the end of this Spring
Golden Four: A, A, A, A
Local: No, Orange County (Irvine)


Major: Business Administration-Finance
GPA: 3.73
Major GPA: 4.0
AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: All Completed
Golden Four: Yes (A, A, A, A)
IGETC: Completed
Local: No - SF Bay Area

Accepted March 16th, a little after 10:00 PM
Major: Liberal Studies
GPA: 4.00
Pre-reqs: Will be done by the end of Spring 2020
Golden 4: A, AP, A, A
Local: No, but in-state
16-20 hours a week of major-related work

Accepted - email received 3/17 7:32am, Portal updated 3/20 11:30am
Major: Art and Design, Photo and Video Concentration
GPA: 3.99 Cuesta, 4.0 CP
Pre-reqs: All required done. 2/4 Desired completed.
AA-T: Yes, Studio Art, complete this spring
Golden 4: All A’s
IGETC: Will be completed this spring (1 class)
Local: Yes, Cuesta
ECs: 20hr/week major related internship. 6-10/hr week volunteer work.