Cal Poly vs. Berkeley Engineering

<p>Basically here are my two options: Cal Poly (Bioengineering) or UCSC/UCB Dual Degree Program (Psych @ UCSC [3 years] and Bioengineering @ Cal [2 years]). Cal Poly and Berkeley are both ranked high so I guess it’s pretty much a win-win situation. But which would you opt to go for?</p>

<p>(Yes, I know that Cal Poly is ranked with schools that have Bachelors/Masters as highest degree while Berkeley is ranked with doctorate schools. I also know that Cal Poly has a “learn by doing” philosophy while the UCs are theoretical.)</p>

<p>The 3/2 program is not a guarateed admission into UCB. Read the web-site carefully. Is it worth the cost of an extra year of school to you?</p>

<p>if you are positive u can get into UCB i would do the 3/2 program, if not Cal Poly would be the better choice.</p>

<p>id do cal poly, i got into the 3/2 , but the transfer isnt guaranteed and it says the minimum is 3.2 , but berkeley's average transfer gpa is 3.8
that doesnt make sense</p>

<p>get more questions answered</p>

<p>Haha, you're in the same boat as me archileta. Well, I e-mailed the person in charge of the Dual Degree Program at UCSC but she hasn't responded yet. But I don't know, it seems as if transfering to UCB seems like a crapshoot. I'll post more after I get some more info.</p>

<p>SLO, Berkeley and UCSC are three very different places. You will find that your degree of comfort varies significantly between the schools.</p>

<p>If you aren't comfortable, it is not likely that you will do well with your grades or EC's. Thus, you will want to consider comfort because these factors are very important when it comes to grad school admissions and job applications.</p>

<p>Cal Poly and Berk are both recruited from heavily and respected widely. You are only kidding yourself if you believe that an alumni from one is better off than an alumni from the other simply based on the name of their school... ESPECIALLY for undergraduate degrees.</p>

<p>cal poly is well known for being a hands on 'learn by doing' philosophy</p>

<p>berkeley is very theoretical, im sure there are still hands on labs, but they still strongly believe in theory and promote that part about the program</p>

<p>idk what ucsc's philosophy is on their courses</p>

<p>I still think UC Berkeley has students that are more sophisticated, but for me I'll prefer Cal Poly, because it’s probably easier to graduate and get my BS degree than getting it from UC Berkeley. Man, UC Berkeley, they are so good!</p>

<p>Sooo, Cal Poly because it's easier? haha, That's not a good reason.</p>