Cal State Monterey Bay applicants - incoming 2016 freshman

Hey, just wondering if anyone has gotten a letter of response back from CSUMB about admission yet?
Im checking my dashboard everyday and have sent in both the transcript and SAT scores (still need to take the ELM test though) and my app is still Under Review.

Anyone heard back yet?

I applied fairly late, I believe maybe a week before the CSU apps closed. I have some friends that have already been accepted from other CSU’s like Fullerton and Northridge, (they applied pretty early though) but no one that I know has applied to CSUMB so I have no idea if they’ve begun sending responses yet.

Yes me and most of my friends who applied have already gotten our acceptance letters and packets however two of my friends are still under review

Cool thanks for replying! And congratulations on the acceptance (๑´ v `๑)

I haven’t heard anything either. I am starting to get worried.

Yeah to be honest I am too. I keep hearing people getting accepted at my school and it’s being a downer.
Then again I applied as a psychology major so my brother told me maybe that’s why it’s taking so long, since psychology is an impacted major.
What major did you apply with @ZNB2016 and @wabbit23 ?

I got in for Biology but most likely will not go

Environmental Science. I called them they said they have been sending them out since mid February and they will continue to do so until April or something. I have no idea what order they are going or anything.

I feel like it’s bad that I haven’t heard anything from them. I applied for a Biology major. I’m sure it’s impacted just like at almost every other CSU. So I’m hoping that if that’s the case then that’s why I haven’t heard back yet.