***Cal State Monterey Bay - Class of 2021 (Fall 2017 Applications) Decisions***

It’s probably too soon for any admissions decisions, but I am hoping to start a thread to see when applicants start hearing back from CSUMB. If you receive a decision, please post below with the following:

Accepted // Denied
Instate // OOS
Intended Major

Accepted 02/8/2017
Cinematic Arts
W UC GPA 3.95
ACT 30

Congratulations @BZ3Boys !

My son was accepted 02/08/2017
Human Communication (English at every other university)
W UC GPA 3.9
UW GPA 3.56
SAT 1210

No email was sent. He had to look on the dashboard of his CSUMB page.

Congratulations @AMCdad ! Your son should be getting an email soon. I got an acceptance email today and portal was updated.

Email arrived today 2/9/17

Highlander96, you were right. The email arrived in the afternoon.

And congratulations to you, as well. My son is still waiting on Cal Poly SLO before making a decision, but CSUMB is my younger daughter’s #1 choice. We have been there a couple of times and she loves it. Additionally, I have a co-worker who graduated from Monterey Bay about twelve years ago and he is still very enthusiastic about the university and how it is developing. Because of the size and the interaction with professors, he felt like he got a private school experience for a public school price.

Good luck to you.

My son got his acceptance letter 2/9/17 via email.
Computer Science.
Has anyone received the financial aid packet? Or know when they usually send them out?

Accepted 02/13/17
Environmental Science Technology and policy
SAT: 1090

Congratulations @NorthCalbound and to your son @SueWillis !

Accepted-Biology major
UC GPA 3.92
Overall GPA 3.96
SAT 1650 (I never test well)
Instate-will be using a Cal Vet Waiver (covers tuition and fees-my dad is a disabled vet) and the Cal Grant (CSU allowance of about $8900 I think) for tuition-still not sure if I will attend. I am holding out for either UCSC or UCSB. I’ve also been accepted to Purdue but if I go to a UC or CSU I can graduate debt free. I was denied by SDSU, Cal Poly SLO, UCSD. I come from a small charter school setting. 1st to attend. Looks like all of the UC’s and CSU’s are a crap shoot :confused:
Good luck to all!

Hi there!

I got Accepted as of 2/15/17
Instate in the bay area.
Intended Major - Kinesiology
GPA 3.34
Golden four & Requirements will be done by Spring 2017
I have an ADT to be completed by spring 2017 but im not sure if it goes for CSUMB.

I am still waiting to hear back from SDSU, as that is my first choice. However if I don’t get in, I’m heavily considering CSUMB if I get a good financial aid package and can find not as expensive living haha. Also I got waitlisted at CSUS.