Cal State Northridge Admission Class of 2024

It is probably too early to hear any admission decision from CSUN, but this thread tries to connect students and parents for information exchange. If you heard your decision, could you please post it here? CSUN is notoriously slow in sending out decisions.

Super happy to see this thread! Not so happy about the “notoriously slow” comment - ugh. I am pretty sure my D will get accepted as her EI is quite a bit above the Fall 2019 average. However, I would love for her to find out before March.

Do CSUN applicants get asked to apply for Honors or should she just do it on her own?

When do admissions decisions come out? Just got a reminder email today to make sure my portal is activated.

Not sure, but I checked the portal today and it says it will be down tonight from 8 pm to midnight for maintenance. So, I wonder if they are getting ready. ??

I know by reading posts from last year that there is a video that has to be watched at some point before the decision shows up. But I have not seen that in the portal yet.

Yeah the video was attached to the email I received today ?

@diamondlife oh, good to know! Thanks!

Glad I checked this thread - my daughter hadn’t seen any email on January 8 or with a video but after reading this she checked her spam and it was in there - so if anyone else hasn’t seen an email like that, check your spam!

@CAtransplant Was the email sent to her CSUN email or her personal one she used when applying?

@MommaCat I’m not aware that she has a CSUN email? In any case, it went to her personal one she used when applying.

Thanks for the info! My daughter checked the spam folder and found that email.

Yes, the applicants were given a CSUN email with portal information (see #3 below). This is from their admissions website:

After you have applied to CSUN, make sure the rest of your admission process goes smoothly:

  1. Set up your access to myNorthridge Portal and CSUN email. Watch for the “Activate Your CSUN Account” email from CSUN Admissions and Records sent to the address you provided in Cal State Apply. You should receive the email 1 or 2 days after you apply. For help, see account activation instructions.
  2. Monitor your application status. Log into myNorthridge Portal, locate “My Checklist," and review your complete and incomplete tasks such as missing transcripts. For help, see the How To Guides.
  3. Check your CSUN email and myNorthridge Portal often for official communications. The university will stop sending email to your personal address. Helpful: Forwarding CSUN Gmail to Another Account
  4. If you are admitted, you must file your “Intent to Register” electronically no later than Monday, May 1, 2020 in order to attend CSUN in Fall 2020. See Admitted to CSUN. If you do not confirm Intent to Register by the deadline, you will not be able to attend CSUN in the Fall 2020 semester.

Just saw on CSUN’s IG story that Fall 2020 admission decisions are coming! Good luck everyone!

Just got accepted thank you !

@madhav0790 Congrats! Are you local to CSUN?

Congrats to all accepted!

Portal is down for DS…ugh!

Portal working here - no decision yet.

Portal back up…no decision!

Do you have a link to the " CSUN’s IG story "?
Do admissions come out for everyone the same day or is this just the beginning of the process?

@Gregmacd If you follow csun_edu on Instagram you can see it in their story.

I am not sure how the decisions roll out. My D is not “local” for CSUN and I did notice her portal has a Hold listed as Tier 2 Applicant Out Of Area. So, my assumption is that the local applicants are currently finding out but I have no real information to support this.


Thanks! (And I thought “IG” was a typo for “UG”. I did just learn what “OG” was). Anyhow, I just downloaded instagram and I’m now googling “what is a story on instagram” LOL