<p>so i'm english and unfamiliar with the american curriculum. what do you do in precalculus and calculus classes? </p>

<p>like differentiation and integration and stuff?</p>

<p>at what age do you start doing it?</p>

<p>to what sort of level can you get when you leave?</p>

<p>cheers. i'm just interested.</p>

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<p>Regular students take precalc in their junior year(16), then calculus AB their last year of high school.</p>

<p>Advanced students are a year ahead. Taking Calculus BC their senior year.</p>

<p>Ugh my high school is behind</p>

<p>Precalc is taken mostly by seniors, and a few juniors who are recognized as being good in math in 6th grade!!! If you dont elect to advance for your 7th grade year, theres no hope for you.</p>

<p>at my school normal students take precalc their senior year, adn there are people one year ahed aho take precalc their junior year, adn people 2 years ahead who take it their soph. year</p>

<p>In my school "normal" people take pre-calc either junior or senior year. More advanced people may take sophmore or junior year. I took it sophomore year, Stat AP junior year, and I'm taking Calc AP AB next year</p>

<p>Almost all normal people take pre-calc junior year. Those that dont want math don't take pre-calc at all, finishing by Alg II in Soph or Junior years.
Advanced people take pre-calc Soph or Junior year and take both Calculuses either Junior or Senior year.
We're on a block schedule, so I shall take (hoping to) pre-calc Sophomore and AP Calc 1, AP Calc 2 (whatever that means) my Junior year (probably).</p>

<p>What to content. We study trigonometry and (I hope) stuff like limits and derivatives. For AP Calc you can see outline here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Precalculus is a fancy name for trig. In high school, it's typically advanced algebra the first semester (e.g. conics) and actual trigonometry the second semester (e.g. sin/cos/tan, identities).</p>

<p>Calculus in high school is generally single-variable. AP Cal AB covers through definite and indefinite integrals. AP Cal BC would include improper integrals, sequences, and series.</p>

<p>The standard no-deviation track would have students take trig in eleventh grade and calculus in twelfth grade.</p>

<p>If you skip maths, you could even end up taking calculus in ninth grade, like I did ;)</p>

f you skip maths, you could even end up taking calculus in ninth grade, like I did


and I suppose you went to MIT or something...</p>

<p>Fabrizio, how did you skip maths? I'm trying to think of it but can't come up with any sokution.</p>

<p>lol... my school is crazy. frosh are taking ap calc ab... the MAJORITY of people take ap calc ab soph year, finishing ap calc bc by junior year. i did that and i'm still considered "behind".</p>

<p>start earlier in middle school. skip the easy maths that you don't relaly need. private tutors, home schooling etc.</p>

<p>xedx, are you in England? I think that Calculus is the same as Analysis, at least it is what is in Russia (where I originate from). I had the same problems at translating first :)</p>

<p>Depends, I was taking pre-calculus my sophomore year, higher math afterwards.</p>

<p>At my school, advanced (25%) people take Precalc their sophmore year, then Calc BC (2-period class) their junior year. Most people (50%) take Precalc junior year (50%) and then can go on to Adv. Functions, Discrete Math, or Calc BC, depending on how good they are. Regular people (25%) take Precalc senior year. There's also one person who took Precalc frosh year because he went to TIP for Algebra II.</p>

<p>Precalc, I've heard, is 1/2 review of algebra two and 1/2 limits. Calc BC is single-variable calculus (differentials, etc.)</p>

<p>so do you do stuff like using integration to work out the 3d volume of a cylinder using information from a 2-d line graph? In England I only did AS maths, and I'm interested to know how much more/less calc you do in the US, typically.</p>

<p>I don't really think they deal with 3D objects in Calculus AC. It's just simple mathematics: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
integration, antiderivation. BC is a little bit harder because of those Taylor series, but still.</p>


and I suppose you went to MIT or something...


<p>Ha, I wish I was good enough to be accepted by MIT. I don't think that just taking AP Cal AB as a freshman is a kicker.</p>


Fabrizio, how did you skip maths? I'm trying to think of it but can't come up with any sokution.


<p>I took Algebra I instead of pre-algebra in seventh grade. Then, I took a skip test for trigonometry the summer before my freshman year. Geometry wasn't offered my freshman year, so the only (viable) option on the table was calculus.</p>

<p>If you attend a mediocre high school, they're pretty loose when it comes to skipping maths.</p>

<p>at my school regular juniors take algebra II or algebra II Honors, and advanced juniors take Pre-calculus (took algebra I honors in 8th grade). then if u get an A in pre-calc u take calc BC, if u get a B u take calb bc.</p>

<p>At my school normal kids take Alg II in thier junior year and Adv. Math in 12th grade. Advanced kids take precalc junior year and the really smart kids take precalc in 10th grade. There is about 10 of them this year. You can Calc AB or BC but many take AB b/c BC is a two period class.</p>

<p>At my school most people take Precal junior year but don't bother to take AP calculus their senior year. At my school less than 2% of the population goes on to take AP calculus.</p>