Caldwell College...anyone?

<p>Ok so i've decided NOT to attend JUB, coz I don't want to be paying around 18000 euros + interest for the rest of my life.</p>

<p>Anybody applied/accepted/going to Caldwell?</p>

<p>do you mean you were awarded no financial aid whatsoever at Jacobs? If that is not the case then I think Jacobs >>>> Caldwell (whose name I saw for the first time only after reading this thread)</p>

<p>But Because U.S. >> Germany, you may be in the long run be vindicated.</p>

<p>But note that I put four ">" sings in the first paragraph and only 2 in the second.</p>

<p>I have applied to Caldwell..Will let you know once I get the decision.</p>

<p>Bro, i know jacobs is >>>> than caldwell. but i do not want to graduate from JUB with a 18000 euro debt (which i think i will be paying for the rest of my life). </p>

<p>I will prolly go to caldwell, then transfer to a public school or something.</p>

<p>What is the scholarship that you got in Caldwell?</p>

<p>^Won't you be paying for your room and board at Caldwell?</p>

<p>I got a 25k scholarship at caldwell. and yes I will be paying for my room and board. but only for the 1st semester. I will be transferring in my 2nd semester</p>

<p>@ 2015 where will u be going?</p>

<p>heyy...mmm i think ill be attending caldwell!...</p>

hey i got acceptance from caldwell college as well. So have you recieved your i20 from that college?</p>

<p>@metallica Not yet. Perhaps in the next 2 weeks</p>

<p>and have you sent all the reqd documents?what is the amount of aid you recieved?</p>

<p>$25k, and yes I have sent the required documents. BTW anyone know where to get our transcript evaluated by WES?</p>

<p>ya u should go to sanothimi...hseb get it evaluated..but you can do your transcript evaluation only after you get your you know if we need to get our transcript evaluated course by course or curriculum by curriculum?</p>

<p>anyone else going to caldwell college???</p>

<p>wait guys, i dont think they evaluate ur course here in Nepal @ HSEB. </p>

<p>To get ur GPA evaluated by WES, its best to mail them the documents or contact some private educational consultancies that can do that for you, provided u pay the charge associated with it.</p>

<p>Those of you that have been accepted by Caldwell, did you have your HS transcripts evaluated by WES? If yes, how much did it cost?</p>

<p>I applied to caldwell.will let you know when I get the decision</p>

<p>I applied to caldwell will let you know when i get the decision</p>

<p>If we did A-levels in HS, do we need to get the transcript evaluated?</p>