California State Monterey Bay-out of state

Hello! I have seen so many different things about Cal State- Monterey Bay. Our daughter really wants to attend and just applied. We are out of state and a part of the WICHE Western Tuition Exchange states. I don’t see Monterey Bay listed on there, but everyone here seems to say it’s included on the list. Any insight into that? Can someone give me a link so I can find it somewhere? Thank you!

(She also applied to Chico, and will probably add a few others in there. But I specifically want to know about Monterey Bay and their participation in the Western Tuition Exchange program)

Monterey Bay isn’t listed on the official website – so I would assume it’s not a part of the exchange, just like Long Beach, San Francisco or San Jose aren’t. If I were you I would call up the school to verify.

@Corbett and @NCalrent can give you more specifics on this.

I found their website info on change of major. If a student declares an impacted major, the student will be charged non resident fees (

The state of California is out of money and needs those full fees from non-residents.

Additionally, the Monterey Bay Campus isn’t really “walk-friendly” like where the tourists go in Monterey. It is isolated.

So, if you plan on paying full fees of $42K per year, you really need to visit. It’s on an old Army base. The last time I saw it, it was surrounded by a bunch of sand dunes. My Dad served there and said that it was always cold and grey.

@mediumgrey You can see the official list of WUE schools here:

The only info that I have is that (1) CSUMB was on that list earlier in 2017; and (2) CSUMB isn’t on that list today. So my guess is that CSUMB recently decided to stop participating in the WUE program. If you want more definitive confirmation, then you should check with CSUMB directly.

It wouldn’t exactly be surprising or unexpected if CSUMB was no longer a WUE school, given that most other UCs and CSUs don’t participate in the WUE program either.

I am not sure when or why they were dropped from the WUE list but, I’d call CSUMB and ask.