Calling all Canadians for help selecting a Grad School in Canada

<p>I am looking for 1 year post-graduate program (Masters Level)at a good Canadian University. I have an excellent scholarship from a foundation in Spain that covers tuition, room & board, plus monthly stipend. I am bilingual in English and Spanish with a B.A. in English from my home university in Argentina. Top 5%, 4 years work experience in my field. </p>

<p>My problem is that the time is limited for me to find an adequate program and of course I have limited knowledge of Canadian schools and cities. Could you give me a short list of universities or colleges which would be recommendable for the following interests so that I can investigate further. I am very grateful for any guidance you can give me.</p>

<p>Possible areas of interest: Women's studies/Latin American studies/Linguistics/Communications/</p>

<p>I don't know which universities are particularly strong in your specific major. But these are generally the well-know Canadian Univs.
University of Toronto
McGill University
Queen's University
University of British Columbia</p>

<p>And check this website out: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
It allows you to select your program and then check for where it is offered in Canada and gives small descriptions of each program. Good luck!</p>