CalLutheran Class of 2025 admission

Son just got acceptance through email, with 25K Founders scholarship plus 2,500 Other Donor scholarship.

There was no mention of getting invited for Honors Day. Has anyone received invitation for Honors Day? Does Honors Day invitation come at a later time, or does it always come together with acceptance letter.
He submitted application by Oct 31.

This is his first acceptance :blush: But this is not his first choice school, cause the cost is still not affordable to us even with this scholarship.

My daughter was accepted also. She didnโ€™t hear anything about Honors Day either but she said that on the website it says they will notify eligible applicants in January - so she is hoping that is the case. I thought they were notified when accepted (?)

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Congrats to your daughter. Did she get merit scholarship?

Thank you. She did. She received the Regents scholarship (not sure what the different names mean, they all seem to be similar in amount)

Has anyone had an invitation to Honors Day? I know they said eligible students would be notified in January, but just wondering if that already happened or itโ€™s still too early?

Son has not yet received Honors Day invitation.

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Son received email today about (virtual) Honors Day. It says registration link will be sent by end of January.

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Congrats to your son! My daughter received the email too!!

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