Caltech Class 2025 RD Discussion

I only saw an EA discussion and nothing for RD, so here it is, so far nothing heard from Caltech yet.

Any word on when Cal Tech will release the decisions? This Saturday?

Yes, this Saturday

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how do you know?

Last year decision release was Mar 9 (monday). CalTech also tries to release results before MIT (3/14). So this year could be Mar 8 (unlikely because of increase in apps) or Mar 13 (next saturday).

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Checklist is gone. End game now! :crossed_fingers:

what time tmrw does anyone know ?

Don’t know, but I heard it could be tomorrow 3PST? If someone knows exactly pls let us know :slight_smile:

Good luck to everyone here

ok so its coming out at 3:09 PST tmrw, something to do with the time or date when gravity waves were detected at caltech ??

how do you guys know that it’s coming out tomorrow??

Checklist is gone on the application portal. You can see that as a sign in the last year CC discussion as well.

yeah that I saw, but there isn’t a specific date and time provided by caltech themeselves right?? was just confirming that

Same thing happened last year too.

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I am not sure where @annaedleson got the time of 3:09 PST from, but for last year they were released at 5:08pm PST on March 7th 2020. I don’t believe Caltech announces their decision date.

The reason I believe why they remove the check list from the application portal is that every time you login to the portal it makes a dip into the applicant database to pull the real time check list information. They don’t want the system hang from database connection overload when thousands of applicants click on the application portal on the decision day. It makes sense to keep only the static information and decision letters on the portal which are pulled from the filesystem as opposed to the real time information such as check list which needs to be pulled from the database. Just my two cents to why they remove the checklist before the decision day.

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does Caltech provide deferred option, considering many will probably go to MIT etc if they’re accepted there one week later.

how will you be notified, email? phone call? or on its portal? finger-crossed…

Portal says that decision will be notified in the portal

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