Caltech EA 2025 Discussion

Hi all!

I haven’t seen any threads for Caltech EA 2025 yet, so I started one! :slight_smile:

Decisions will be released tomorrow Dec 12 at 12:12PM PST

All the best to all of you !!!


Where did you hear that? My son did not get an email. But my son’s checklist on the Caltech portal did disappear.

Once you login on the right hand side the information is displayed

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Good luck to everyone!

Caltech is my D’s number one choice, so there is a lot of stress at our house this morning.

Is the result out yet?

I believe they’ll be posted around noon.

What is Caltech your daughter’s #1, specific reasons?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this thread, but good luck to all! Caltech is special in so many ways.


She likes the research focus, collaborative environment, Pasadena, and she can continue her sport at Caltech.

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Thank you! My DS is very interested in Research too!

Is it out?

Yes the results are in.

My daughter got deferred

No one?

One kid from my daughter’s school got in

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D got rejected.

DS was rejected…

Our D got accepted!


Our D got accepted. Congrats to those accepted!!



Congratulations to everyone who was accepted! It’s a great place!

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My son got accepted today.