Caltech RD/Deferred Applicants 2024 Discussion

I only saw the EA discussion and wanted to separate the RD/Deferred discussion from that. Best of luck to everyone!

Anyone got interview call so far? we are still waiting.

I don’t think Caltech offers interviews.

@2024CuriousDad Caltech doesn’t offer interviews.

I was deferred. I just submitted my LOCI and my grades, as they just came out. Do you think that this will count against me?

Did Caltech give a cutoff date for submitting information? If not, I don’t see why it would hurt you. You sent the relevant information when available.
Good luck

Just curious. Will RD decisions come out next Saturday or in two weeks? Does anyone know?

@CAEngineer The Reddit spreadsheet says that it’s rumored to be the 7th. But I don’t believe they release a decision date, so we’ll just have to check the portal the day before & see whether the checklist is still there.

It will most likely be Friday, March 13, for two reasons: 1) It’s one day before MIT releases their decisions (which is a trend for Caltech), 2) Caltech releases decisions in Mid-March, and they would be really stretching it if they release it on March 7th.

@WantToGetInYale I’m not sure who started the rumor, but since EA decisions came out the same day as MIT (a Saturday), maybe it’ll come out on the 14th? I thought Caltech released decisions pretty early in previous years though. Last year, decisions were released on the 9th and the previous year decisions were released on the 10th. So the 7th isn’t a huge stretch although it is slightly earlier than in years past (1st Saturday rather than 2nd Saturday of the month I think).

@ohnoitsme But, I heard that they always release their decision on a Saturday. And Saturday before pi day is 3/7/2020…

@silwil i thought both the possible dates I said (14th and 7th) are Saturdays???

Yes, you are correct, @ohnoitsme. Both March 14th and March 7th are Saturdays.

Any news about RD decision, guys?

                             Caltech (2nd column)                                   MIT (3rd column)

Class of 2019 Friday, March 13th Saturday, March 14th
Class of 2020 Saturday, March 12th Monday, March 14th
Class of 2021 Saturday, March 11th Tuesday, March 14th
Class of 2022 Saturday, March 10th Wednesday, March 14th
Class of 2023 Saturday, March 9th Thursday, March 14th
Class of 2024 Friday, March 13th?? Saturday, March 14th

In 2015, there was an identical situation with dates as this year, where March 7th was the first Saturday on the month, and they released their decisions on March 13th.

Unfortunately (or, maybe, fortunately), it is most likely be March 13th this year as well.

Still, not too bad! Slightly over a week left!!

So since the checklist is still there, it wont be march 7th?

if its March 7th, the checklist should disappear in about 12 hours.

(~1:00 am EST, on 03/07)

Checklist is gone. Best of luck to everyone!

It’s definitely tomorrow. Caltech announced it. Good luck!