Caltech Waitlist 2023

Hey guys, thought this would be a nice place for us in purgatory to convene. Chat away!

as I just posted on the other thread please do not give up. there is still hope. please look at the additional information Caltech is requesting from you and work on submitting additional materials to show why you would be a great candidate. my daughter made it off the waitlist last year. it can be done. you can do it!

If a student is waitlisted at caltech, what should the student submit in addition ?

My son supplied proof he was taking physics at the local U. He added some recommendations. Also,prizes. Things may have changed, but I don’t think he needed any additional essays. I hope more recent students or parents respond to your post

(hacker mom here) My kiddo sumbitted a letter with recent awards and plans for summer activities. He had already submitted a supplemental recommendation with the first application.

Caltech’s PFW has 295 students, higher than ever before. If I’m right, this implies, in some way, the possibility for a higher yield. :frowning:

Last year was 281. Source: Caltech website.

@TheMemeMachine what does PFW mean? thanks.

Pre Frosh Weekend

@Ithroop2023 Thanks, do you know what the outcome of the weekend was/is? How many were accepted EA/RA and intend on going to Caltech?

Hey! I’m sorry, I don’t.

@Ithroop2023 Where on Caltech’s website did you find this information?

Edit: nvm I found it. Idk if this helps or not but they are anticipating a class size of 240 and plus or minus 6 to enroll

@anya00 So do you know how many people actually enrolled? Is Caltech overenrolled this year?

Hey everyone, I emailed my regional admissions counselor today about an update to my waitlist update regarding the results of a tournament I said I was going to in my update.

The email said:

“Dear [my name],

I will add this update to your file. However we still do not know if we will be moving to the waitlist.”

@Ithroop2023 no I’m sorry idk how many people actually enrolled; the 240 plus or minus six was just what the dean told us at PFE.

@supersizegrape For a school with so many acclaimed mathematicians, I do wonder what they’ve been doing since May 1st! Let’s see 240 +/- (x acceptances) = ______________ (Of course, Caltech could complicate this slightly by adding +/- six to that 240, or just use their fingers and still be done by May 2nd =)

@TheMemeMachine yes… you would think. :slight_smile: However, I’d rather wait and have them take more people! I heard the MIT waitlist has been moved, so perhaps this may work in our favor for those who are holding out for Caltech!

Polq123, I hope you sent A deposit to another U. We lost 2 deposits, but it was worth it.

@bookworm I have deposited somewhere else. But it never hurts to hold out! What do you mean you lost two deposits? Were you moved off of Caltech’s waitlist?