Campus construction....

<p>I can't stand it when ugly campus contrsuction is going on, and if it is, it has to be VERY limited or at least finished by the time the class of 08 (high school class) enters next fall. Which of the following school shave construction (of anything really) ging on past then?</p>

Virginia Tech
Sarah Lawrence
Vassar Any help would be very much appreciated :)</p>

<p>Just to let you know, construction happens frequently at every school...they need to construct new buildings to compete with other schools who are constructing even more new buildings. Get used to it, I guess.</p>

<p>That's the lamest criteria for choosing a school I've ever heard. Every campus has to go through construction, that's how new buildings get there.</p>

<p>Add UMich to that list too. When I visited the campus looked so not pretty because a lot of construction was going on. I wonder how the campus will look in winter, a few days after a snowstorm. Yuck!</p>

<p>i mean, a little here and there is ok, but i don't want to regularily see construction workers and see brick dust floating around....</p>

<p>Reed is building new dorms in the northwest corner of campus, far removed from classroom buildings, and across a rugby field from the nearest existing dorms. They're supposed to be done by Fall '08.</p>

<p>Construction goes on anywhere allt he time..
Colleges have to keep up with other colleges when it comes to facilities.
Most of the schools I applied to are going through construction.</p>

<p>However is it really that bad.... its the sign of progress. Plus think about what your campus will look like after the construction.. NICEEEE> :)</p>

<p>i don't think it'll ever look nice if right after the finish, say, a brand new commoms/student union/residency/, they start right up on another one... not nice at all.... :(</p>