campus day

<p>I didnt register for the campus day yet. But, thinking of crashing in tomorrow (24th). Is it any useful for someone who lives nearby? Appreciate your feedback.</p>

<p>I like like an hour and a half away and had visited once before for the engineering day. I didn't really find it that useful. The only thing that I found beneficial was the central campus tour, and that is only because I had never been on central campus before. I could have just walked the campus any random day for free and actually been able to venture into the buildings. I say if you have already been to the campus before don't do it.</p>

<p>Thanks bennis. I live hardly 15 mins away. I can walk the campus any time. Perhaps I might skip this campus day thing.</p>

<p>15 mins away in Illinois?</p>

<p>He drives fast =P</p>

<p>or has a private jet</p>

<p>From my personal experience, I thought campus day was excellent. I got to tour many of the engineering buildings, see dorms, talk to current students, and listen to presentations from some of the faculty at Michigan. I thought it was well worth it.</p>

<p>Sorry. I corrected the location. I live in Ann arbor itself.</p>

<p>I doubt they'll tell you anything you couldn't figure out by looking at a campus map/reading the LSA Bulletin, don't already know (since you're from the area), or won't hear again when you're forced to go to orientation.</p>