Campus life at Indiana Bloomington

Anyone able to give me some info on what life is like at IU-Bloomington? Trying to get a new perspective other than the school website and admissions office

I’m sure others can give you a more direct perspective, but everyone I know who went there, including my sister, loved it.

IU is very much a party school, but at the same time there are tons of people who would rather not party. Lots of school spirit, events + sports to rally around (look up Little 500), especially basketball. The city of Bloomington is very much a quintessential college town, it’s got the hills and trees and lakes and what not, as well as a really nice restaurant lineup. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy their time there.

A parent’s perspective here - Having had a couple of brief visits to Bloomington, I have a very good impression of the town. It is a beautiful college town with a lot of diverse restaurants and a vibrant feel. My son (in his second year at IU) loves campus life at IU Bloomington.

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