Can anyone tell me about their Honors College experience?

What are/were some of the Pro’s and Con’s?

Did the housing make a difference?
Did the social group make a difference?
Did being in the Honors College significantly increase workload?
Was it worth it?

My DD has been accepted to the Honors college and I am just very curious

My son, who is now a senior, was admitted to the Honors College before he started at UAH. He dropped out quickly because it did not have enough classes for him. He entered school with 56 credits from dual enrollment and AP.

@momreads , thank you for your response.
DD is attracted to the study abroad options that Honors woo’d her with :slight_smile:
She also likes the housing and first choice of classes.
Has your son ever had trouble getting his classes?

Only once did my son have a problem getting a class. He wanted to take Calculus III (or C) as a freshman. Advisers told him to put himself on a waitlist, and perhaps, a section would be added. It happened, and he got a great professor, too.

How long does it take to hear back on Honors College acceptance?

It took about 1.5 weeks for DD. When we attended Discovery Day the Honors College Dean stated 2-3 weeks was the norm.

Also, how do you hear back about Honors College? Email? Snail mail? myUAH account? My daughter applied 12/20 but that was during break, so not sure what to look for or when…?

She received a letter from the Dean, I’ll ask her if she also received notice in her UAH portal.
I would assume 2-3 weeks from when staff returned from break.

Sorry to revive this but have some questions. Originally didn’t want to apply for Honors College because of the whole “more work” thing. However, the Study Abroad options interest me. Applied and accepted as a Mechanical Engineering major with the full tuition scholarship. Stats are 3.8uw/4.74w and 1400 sat. Those are decently above the minimum required to apply for Honors but would I be accepted? I am interested in hearing more from current honors students if possible. Thanks!

@Hbs2018 the study abroad options are what attracted my DD as well.

Her stats were:
4.9 weighted
34 ACT
IB/AP course

I remember the Dean stating the honors college was about 10% of the student population.
Probably won’t know for sure until you actually apply.

@Hbs2018 My DS was accepted to the Honors College with similar stats as yours. He’s also an Engineering major (undecided but probably Mechanical). The application is very straight forward and the prompt was one he actually enjoyed writing - What is your favorite word and why?

I think another really attractive aspect of Honors is living in Frank Franz with other Honors students. We had questions and another member suggested calling UAH. Apparently, there is no special area for Engineering students or an LLC. Even though all the Honors students live in the same building, according to the person I spoke with, they segregate them into areas based on their majors / interests. Good luck.