Can college seniors apply for H1b Visa?

<p>I know that it is stated that a minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required in order to apply for an H1B visa, and that the immigration office starts receiving applications on April 1. </p>

<p>Lets say I were to receive a job offer by January, and I graduate (and officially receive my bachelors degree) in May.</p>

<p>Could this college senior apply for the H1B visa by April 1? (since technically he's going to graduate already)</p>

<p>Or will he have to wait until May, when he officially receives his Bachelors degree before he can apply?</p>

<p>Not according to the immigration lawyer who runs employment workshops for international students at my college each year.</p>

<p>Then again, it’s better to do your own research than trust strangers on the internet…</p>

<p>so this means that I either wait until May when I officially get my bachelors degree before applying (which by then, the quota would most probably be filled already)</p>


<p>I use my OPT (12 months) after graduation until April 1, when my sponsoring employer and I can submit a request for an H1B visa.</p>

<p>Am I right? Please feel free to correct anything I say that may be wrong</p>

<p>Yeah, most people apply for any remaining OPT (you might have used some for internships) and then your employer applies (not yourself) applies for H1B. Is your employer familiar with the process? If not, you should keep close tabs on HR so that they file everything on time.</p>

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<p>Best of luck!</p>